Have just had Pete Riley on and he tells me that although the pitch is playable at the moment the forecast of rain throughout the next few hours - and as I write this it’s getting heavier - will mean that quite a lot of forking will be required in order to try and ensure this afternoon’s match goes ahead.<br><br>The club are therefore appealing to anyone who is available to come to the ground at 12:30 - armed with garden forks and suitable clothing of course - to help assist the groundstaff in their endeavours.<br><br>See you down there.

Garden forks ? more like Moses and King Canute :frowning:

any news on the reserve fixture !!!<br>

As I’m not aware of any acknowledgement elsewhere <br>just like to personally thank the Wittoners that responded positively to this appeal. <br><br>Shame that, certainly not for the first time, all the efforts appeared in vain come the final whistle. - Pause for thought - Maybe we shouldn’t bother in future eh?

Having not been anywhere near a computer till now - I would like to state my thanks to the stalwarts who turned out in the dreadful weather yesterday to get the pitch playable. Many thanks - shame the passion and commitment didn’t continue on the pitch from 3 to 4.45pm.<br><br>GE<br>