v Bamber Bridge

Goal Flash<br><br>1 - 0 Witton<br><br>Goal Scored by Byrne after 12 minutes.<br><br> [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Half time<br><br>2-0 Witton<br><br>Goal Scorers: Byrne and MM<br><br>My match reporter is telling me that Bamber are poor and the second half should produce more goals.<br>We will wait and see.

I actually really enjoyed the game today!!! The 1st half performance was superb with lots of good link play and creativity!<br><br>The method and application were good all game and I feel Bamber will be happy with a 2-0 reversal on another day they could have been malleted 5 and had no complaints.<br><br>Just hope its not a rope a dope attempt to win the Presidents Cup!!!<br><br>Well done one and all today. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Right hang on people were making positive comments today, and we were playing with purpose and intent (ok the goal rush didn’t come but…). Given most those lads have played Wed, Fri, Mon and in anticipation of Thurs, Sat did well to ease off in the 2nd half.<br><br>I thought that was a superb performance again with the new players proving an inspiration. Lally, what can I say, tremendous. He moves, passes, tackles, controls the ball…<br><br>A quick glance at the table makes for good reading eh Me?<br>What a bank holiday it has been!<br> [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]

Fantastic 1st half & second half was very comfortable. Bamber never even looked like scoring so well done lads. Lets turn Leek over in our very late quest for the playoffs.<br><br>MOM IMO Anton Lally.

Firstly a note to say that the latest score facility is online for the rest of the season via the homepage! I hope I don’t tap away ferociously at my mobile for nothing during the game!! :wink: ;)<br><br>Another great performance today. The new guys all did well; MoM for me too was Mr. Lally although, just to please Pritch, the old guys did good too!!<br><br>Bring on Leek!!

well done to the players today, really enjoyed the game created plenty of chances which is always a good thing, maybe on another day we would have had more but its good to be in a position where we can have a laugh when Spike nearly broke the crossbar with a shot rather than pull our hair out because we were watching points slip away.

Deb<br><br>The score updates were very much appreciated over here in Washington DC. Please continue with the service.

Hello hello<br><br>Burscough loose 6-1<br>Leek loose 3-2 (8 without a win now I think in the league)<br><br>Shoot me down in flames but we are now only 4 points off the play offs. (kinda 5 I guess but) they are the facts of the table! Yep you can have a bit of what I’m drinking - its water and a win on thursday will put us 6th.<br><br> [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

4wins on the trot. <br><br>Is this really Witton I am watching. <br><br>Keep going Lads its good to see.

[center][smiley=3dbiggrin3.gif]<br><br>[size=4][color=Red]This is OFFICIALLY the best easter EVER![/color][/size]<br> [smiley=3dbiggrin3.gif][/center]

Where is Peter Mellor??? All the new signings, no ambition??

;D<br><br>great result, played much better than 2-0 result finally showing the potential, all the new signings looked very good and some of the old ones looked pretty useful too, only one good bit of news required - it was said MIKE MOSSELY would give his answer yesterday to our new offer i hope it not bad news, because I think in time he and spike will be a great pairing.<br><br>Anyone know the answer

The Club will give an official announcement shortly.<br><br>GE<br>

Neil for goodness calm down, however a win at Leek<br>will have me checking the quickest route to Lincoln.<br>Darn it I [smiley=ranting.gif] Witton !