V Radcliffe

Back to more important matters;

UniBond Premier Division (kick off 3pm)
Venue: The Inn2Gether Stadium
Odds (bet365): Radcliffe 6/1, Draw 3/1, Witton 4/11

Witton (from): Kennedy, Spearritt, Pritchard, Barras, Kearney, Brownhill, Peers, Lloyd, Alex Brown, Moseley, Warlow, Hockenhull, Clegg, Connors, Gahgan, Frost, Griff Jones, Farquason
Injured: none
Suspended: none
Form guide: LWLWLL
Disciplinary record: Y37 R1
Leading scorer: Adam Warlow 26

advertisementRadcliffe (from): Dittmer, Downey, Duffy, Whealing, Kelly, McGuire, Lee Fitzpatrick, Forrest, O’Neill, Ian Fitzpatrick, Miller, Gilchrist, Hendley, Heald, Hill, Hurst, Wilson
Injured: none
Suspended: none
Unavailable: Eames (work commitments)
Form guide: LLLLDD
Disciplinary record: Y39 R6
Leading scorer: Ian Fitzpatrick 8

Match pointers
Andy Johnston’s Radcliffe have not won in the league since December 9. That run includes nine defeats and two draws.

Witton have only won two of their past six matches in all competitions. Their last two away days have ended in defeat - at Ashton United and Burscough respectively.

Former Boro defender Ian Kearney could line up against his old teammates for the first time since leaving the club earlier this month.

"It will be strange playing against him, but we have to concentrate on the game and try and pick up the three points," said Johnston.

Great Picko, now I am getting excited about something important, a win for the Albs!!!

Match Odds provided by Stan James Bookmakers

Radcliffe 11/2
Draw 3/1
Witton 2/5

Come on Boys lets have another 3 points today! Come on Witton!

Having trouble with my car, off to Arnold Clark’s to get it checked, hope I can still make the match, if not, give the lads an extra ROAR for me.
PS Jim Vince has not resigned, it was joke to show how silly we are to take any notice of rumours eminating from unknown sources. If anyone is genuinely upset by this posting I apoligise unreservedly but I warn you in advance that April 1st is tomorrow!!!
WHS.[br][size=1]Posted on: March 31, 2007, 11:39:33 AM[/size][hr]Car will not be ready until after 3-00pm so I can’t make the game. I am away from Monday until Friday 13th April so next game I will be able to make is the Mossley game on the 14th. Hope I owe Len a fair bit of money by then!!! ?25 if we win all four games, I owe a fiver for the Matlock game. Will be following the action on here.

Don’t know the line up but Pritch has put us 1-0 up!!

i do i do i do kennedy yeah
kearney yeah
hockenhull yeah
pritchard yeah
barras yeah
peers yeah
brown yeah
connors yeah
warlow yeah
jones yeah
lloyd yeah

and on the bench clegg yeah
moseley yeah
farquarson yeah

and at half time it is still one nil

Ht Stil 1-0
hednesford 1-1 gateshead
Telford 0-0
[br][size=1]Posted on: March 31, 2007, 03:52:54 PM[/size][hr]Matlock 0 - 2 guiseley[br][size=1]Posted on: March 31, 2007, 03:54:49 PM[/size][hr]Leek 0 - 0 Marine
Burscough 1-0 Ilkeston

which makes the league look somthing like this

Burscough 35 19 9 7 68 33 +35 69
AFC Telford United 35 18 13 4 62 33 +29 68
3Witton Albion 33 19 7 7 77 39 +38 67

Come on Boys, keep it going it ain’t over yet. Burscough are looking omniously strong, we need to keep winning. I am reduced to watching Rugby League and God is it boring!! Now Rugby Union, that’s more like it.

leek 1-0 Marine[br][size=1]Posted on: March 31, 2007, 04:16:15 PM[/size][hr]Burscough now 1-1 and Telford 1-0 down…

Witton Albion 33 19 7 7 77 39 +38 67
Burscough 35 19 9 7 68 33 +35 67
AFC Telford United 35 18 13 4 62 33 +29 67

that changes things


2-0 Clegg!!!1

oh yessssss!!!

it was a belter according to neil

Congratulations on your win!!

The league is now yours!!

We (Telford) gave up the league at the start of January because we’ve got no bottle!!! I can’t ever remember a team capitulating and throwing a near certain title away ever!!

All we can hope for is that the season ends quickly before we drop out of the play off places!

Telford lost 1-0, Burscough 1-1, Top of the league!!

all together now " WE ARE TOP THE LEAGUE SAY WE ARE TOP THE LEAGUE " sing it loud sing it proud people. all we have to do now is to stay there.

I have to say it, "I TOLD YOU SO"!!! I know it is not over yet but just let me savour this lovely moment for a while. A win at Fleetwood would be great now, pressure would be enormous on the chasing pack if we could win there. Doesn’t that sound good, "THE CHASING PACK".

Time to believe it for sure - we are going to the Conference North.

;D ;D ;D ;D