v--s reserves

Reading the v—s res report from 5th feb game v burscough by ex witton res mgr tony ennion and noticed that 7 of the players involved for v—s were from this seasons Witton reserve team, it will be interesting to see how they get on with ref to 1st team football chances at v—s, I understand kyle dyson has already played for the 1 st team at v–s ? but wasnt given a chance by gary f at witton 2 leagues lower.

Sorry Colin, but who cares what happens at Vics.<br><br>If the lads get in they get in - so what.<br><br>GE<br>

Graham<br><br>dont know whether you missed my point, You know i couldnt give a t–s about vics, but I am concerned that 7/8 young players have left witton reserves to go to vics because in the main they believe they will not get a chance at Witton ? my point was and is if they are good enough to be given a chance in a conference team then why not Witton - maybe your point "who cares" sums it up ? or have I missed your point.

maybe they wernt good enough

he might have played in vics’ 1st team but probably wont play again.

I personally couldn’t care less about the players who left because the manager spit his dummy out. They showed no loyalty whatsoever to WAFC, so good riddance. <br><br>The manager was on a big ego trip, thought he was the best thing since sliced bread and thought he should have been given the first team job, perhaps if he had applied for it then he may have been considered.<br><br>All he seems to want to do is bad mouth WA and Gary Finley.

didnt think he was that good of a manager thinks all the first team arent good enough a very sly man<br>

Yes Col, I think we are both batting for the same team here but my point is that too much drivel is posted on this website about NVFC. If players go from football clubs it isn’t always about not being given a chance. Sometimes players will follow managers wherever they go and this could be the case.<br><br>So, no, I don’t ‘care’ what’s going on with NVFC.<br><br>GE<br>

Some interesting opinions, which is what the webs about, for Mado one might comment some of the 1st team are not good enough- so maybe we should be looking at others, and ive not got rosy glasses about the reserves, but ive watched both for a long time and some should have had a chance over and above some of the dross weve seen play for the 1st team.<br>I agree with some of the comments about the last mgr but to his credit he did get them playing good football and they were pretty fit - more than can be said for some of the recent 1st team squad eg when burtie played for the reserves he looked one of the worst players in it ?, and finally the reason I was given by an ex reserve player on why they left was not lack of loyalty to witton but that they were told none of them were being considered by the new mgr ? im not sure though what was said i know the parting of the ways between gary and tony was very acrimonious so you always get 2 sides to a story, anyway lets hope Gary keeps on improving the 1st squad, all I hope is he can help develop the youth and reserves as well with support and good links because if he doesnt care then they will flounder and there is potentially 250 lads plus parents involved, it would be nice to think they could become solid wittoners - might help our crap average gates a bit- look at what Sigi is doing- make it a good day for them and they become wittoners treat em bad and there gone ?

Its great what the Under 8’s are doing wish more of the teams would do the same.<br><br>Have conveyed a message to the Juniors today, that we are offering the Social Club free of charge to any parent of a Witton Junior who is considering holding a party or a function this year.<br><br>It is important links are built

But witton are the weakest link! going nowhere fast,gates dwindling to an all time low and in a few months will lose ?1500 X 21+. Unibond football will not attract kids when THE FUTURE IS THE CONFERENCE,THE FUTURE IS THE VICTORIA STADIUM,THE FUTURE IS GREEN AND THE FUTURE DOES NOT INCLUDE witton.


I haven’t seen the reserves play but I’ve seen there top of the league, wouldn’t it be worth trying some of there better players out for the first team and see how they fair. We are now along way from promotion and it would be good for the future. And maybe our younger players wouldn’t leave and go to other clubs.