V Workington

Any score?

1 - 1 at half time. Titch put us in front, then Ben hit the bar before Workington equalised.

Sounds better, is it?

Any change?

Finished 3 - 3.

Well we played pretty well and did not get the luck or result our superb effort deserved, at last every player put the effort in, Titch looked very lively, Dawson ,Corbett and Andrews gave it everything in centre mid as we played 5-3-2 in a fluid shape, we had enough chances to win it and but for a soft mistake by our keeper and a soft penalty we would have won it, unlucky boys well played.

Although it was a draw Iit almost feels like a win! How many times this season have we played well only to go behind and watch the players heads drop?
Well there was none of that today, every player gave their all and kept going to the final whistle. We could and maybe should have won today but there’s definitely more positives than negatives to be taken out of today’s game.

Slightly disappointed we didn’t get the win that we deserved today but we played very well and the commitment of the lads could not be questioned. For the first time in a while it felt good to be a Wittoner today, we will get there :slight_smile:

It has been a long time since a witton team showed that much flair, endeavour and desire in 90 minutes of football. For me today John Dawson was immense, what an engine. a true warrior. Titch looks close to being back at his best, Rainford showed us what sully sees in him and Henders looks a real handful. Lots of positives today, well done Sully and the team UTAH.

Been moaning enough over performances lately so its only right to say that was a good one. Should have won.

Got to be goal of the season so far for Danny - superb shot!

As on Tuesday, we got better and stronger as the game progressed. Apart from a truly daft goalie error and conceding too many free kicks in dangerous positions, I thought it was a really strong performance. Nice to hear some away support as well. We’re getting there.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Danny wins goal of the season he does score some superb goals in every season today’s effort was superb was right behind it when he hit it - unstoppable.

Plenty on here were justifiably having a go at the team lately couldn’t have been easy for them to read.Would like to praise each one of them for today’s effort and commitment. I thought we deserved a win. Have no problem with the penalty decision which was scored at the sixth attempt, but how come we were never given at least one courtecy of the Cumberland wrestler No 4.On the whole a very enjoyable performance, let’s try and replicate it in the league. U.T.A’s.

If it hadn’t been for a bonkers mistake by our keeper for their second goal (could have hit a divot or he just misjudged it completely, I don’t know) we were in control of the game at the time and we would have won it comfortably imo (against a team much higher in the league that have won their last 6 games). Having said that his save in the first half was brilliant. I was very encouraged today, its the best I’ve seen us play all season and there was plenty of fight there. And Titch is looking like his old self again :slight_smile:

an excellent performance with all the players up for it and but for some bad luck could and should have won it. what a goal from danny, a real screamer. great to see titch getting back to form. also must save a mention for cliff moyo, who must have covered every inch of the pitch. having said that every player put in a full shift.
let’s have the same again on tuesday and go forward to the next round.

:clap :clap :clap

Witton team:

Ryan Swift, Anthony Gardner, Cliff Moyo, Ben Harrison, John Shaw, Sam Barnes, Jon Dawson, Zac Corbett, Jamie Rainford, Alex Titchiner, Danny Andrews.

Subs: Jamie Henders, Danny O’Brien, Bojang Karanlang, Michael Koral, Jamie Speare.

Final point re: Workington

I am no expert on formations, but the deep midfield formation worked very well at times yesterday, and I’m fine with it as long as we continue to make chances. It does mean a lot more long ball, but if that means we start moving up the league then few will complain. There was a spell in the first half when Workington were playing very nice tap-tap football and we sat back and kept our shape and there was no real threat. The set up also allowed great runs from Cliff and Gards on occasions. Cliff was unlucky that a slip directly led to their first goal. But more to the point, all the opposition got we gave them through errors, not because they were a better football team. So, as long as it works I say stick with it, although we must have the flexibility to mix up play and revert to other methods if needed. But it does show that the management team have a plan!

I thought on Tuesday that the team had got its mojo back - yesterday proved it.

After being in front twice, hitting the bar, not having a “goal” given, being denied two penalty claims, the workington keeper picking up a back-pass which would have resulted in a free kick 10 yards out, to find ourselves 2-3 down was a real injustice. A few weeks back the team would have wilted. That they didn’t tells its own story.

Best performance since the start of the season. Well done all. Lets have more please

Really enjoyed the game yesterday for the first time in about two months, I thought the players showed exactly the sort of attitude that has been absent in recent times. Well played lads, we actually had a reason to be proud of our team yesterday.

However, the biggest positive for me was seeing Titch playing with confidence again, hopefully he’ll kick on and build on that performance.