Very interesting possible scenario

With last night’s match at Matlock (v Frickley) being postponed then this leaves the Gladiators still with five matches to play - FOUR of which are at home and all by Saturday the 29th when of course they visit us.<br><br>Now unless there is a mighty let-up in the weather and giving how prone their Causeway ground is to flooding anyway - the very reason they are behind already- I’m a wondering what are the chances all these matches will be played. They’re scheduled for Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and include games v Frickley and Blyth.<br><br>Will be very interesting, should they not be able to fulfill them before the FA and UniBond ABSOLUTE DEADLINE won’t it???

They could also be pretty tired come next Saturday, if we’re in desperate need of the 3 points<br>As Jim said -keep the faith.