vics fans, bless

More than 700 supporters, including some from neighbouring Northwich and title rivals Fleetwood, were there to salute Brian Pritchard on the day he broke the all time appearance record for the club

above from guardian web.

vics fans, bless their little cotton socks. ;D

first time they seen a good game of football for a long time ;D

The extra funds were certainly welcome!

I always think its nice to plan ahead to grounds you will be visiting in the next season…

Neil! :o

The two elderly Vics gentlemen that stood next to Pencil and myself were very complimentary about our play and I would go so far as to say they were actually cheering us on towards the end. Although they wouldn’t go as far as to commit themselves to attending another game I certainly wouldn’t rule out seeing them again ;D

Their excellent pitch failed then did it!
I think it added a bit of extra spice to the game i think and it boosted the gate reciepts. Are they all actually admitting how much they love Pritch then??

Let’s face it, most Vics fans are okay, as are most fans of any club. There will always be a small minority of idiots at any club. I thought the Vics fans who came were excellent and were in the main, very impressed by our teams performance. They want what we want, a successful team, in that respect we are no different, it’s just that we have got one and they haven’t!!!

There seem to be a few complimentary comments on the Vics forum about the game and pitch. I hope som eof them come back and spend some more dosh!