Vics Part Four

Seems that Vics just want some Bank or other to stump up 1.5 million so they can buy a white elephant of a ground and Mr. Rushe cannot understand what the delay is? Get real man, no one in his right mind will lend such a sum to you in these critical times, not unless you intend to turn it into a housing estate, then Vics could play in someone’s back graden.
Strikes me that all Mr. Rushe is doing is delaying the inevitable.

I hope not WHS, otherwise poor Andrew Simpson will have nothing to write
about !!!:laugh:

andrew simpson?

Yes,yes Andrew Simpson Toneee !!:laugh:

he missed a good game today vi8.

He sure did and he will bleat about the scum in next week’s rag.

Just when things were looking up for the SCUM they get stuffed by Forest Green 3-0!!! I am still betting the ground deal will fall through, I still cannot believe there are people out there willing to put money into a white elephant in this economic climate.

i agree whs people today wont put there money into buisness or property let alone a broken football club with a track record like scum unless there is an ulterior motive

Is there any substance in the rumour that conman is putting in a bid
For scum?

Conman as in connet?
Don’t think he would be allowed would he because he has been declared bankrupt?
Plus i don’t think he would want to go back to them if he had any brains. Mind you he took them on in the first place, so he must be lacking something somewhere :laugh:

reported on sc*m forum that JR will put them into administration very soon:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Marking another new dawn for the club…FC Victoria of Northwich, AFC Northwich or whatever they choose to be known as.

They must be likely to start in Unibond 1 or possibly even lower. The FA don’t like two lots of administration in a five year period.

In many respects it is the best thing they can do, should arguably have done this a while ago, the only dishonerable thing being that they have ran up further debt whilst working out they couldn’t pay the orignal amount. I believe they still have to pay the football debt (players wages, transfer, loan fees, etc) before being allowed to continue in any shape or form.

There are plenty more twists and turns ahead, probably all change by this time next week. You can’t help thinking it was out of the frying pan and into the fire in terms of the change from Connett to Rushe.

I suppose if they had any remaining hopes then tonight’s result wreck’s em:)

Apparently they have a master plan to escape relegation and avoid relegation, they are going to hold a sponsored walk. On the basis they need over £2m to sort out the stadium and pay the club debts it is going to be a very long walk!!!


I say some awfully bad language being written on the scums forum chaps :blush: :evil: must be the breeding

I hope all the gate money from the Wrexham game, gets banked first, and goes to pay off creditors - i.e. Inland Revenue - because by default thats us!

I believe that if a club starts from scratch they should start in NWCL Div2, like FCUM did, but what happened in Telford and Halifax’s case is a typical example of the ‘old boys network’, and V*cs would probably fall into this category.

Given that Telford, Halifax, Boston all set some sort of precedent I think they have a strong argument for Unibond 1. In the case of FCUM they were a completely new club (albeit a useless cause) that had no prior FA membership.

V*** will no doubt some bizarre sympathy despite repeated failings!

The precedent is still wrong though - they are ALL new clubs, if they weren’t then they would be liable for the debts etc of the previous regimes.

17 points from safety and 9 matches left - they need Steve McQueen now!

If Woodley FC win the Cheshire League…you know the one JR manages …they can apply for NWC status, lets face it they have floodlights at the VS and the ground would meet the grading, all they need to do is cancel all the profesional contracts with the current Vics players. i.e. administration, rename Woodley to Afc Northwich pay the players NWC wages and its seen as a re-birth