Vics part three

Vics are now 14 points adrift of safety with just 17 games left. They will have to win at least 5 games to get above Salisbury and that is presuming they, and the other teams at the bottom don’t pick up any points at all. I think we can safely say they are relegated. However my money is still on them going bust before that happens. As for Witton I have no doubt whatsoever that this new squad will see us to safety. What we do then I have no idea but I do think we will have to move home sooner rather than later.

Just read in the local rag that Rushe does not have the money from his “so-called” consortium, he is waiting to hear about a loan!!! Any Bank that gives him a loan for this purchase must be totally loopy.

i think even the vics fans realise that this pile of pooh is deeper than any encountered before.

Bottom of the league, manager not yet won a game since october, no ground of their own and the one they use locked up, allegedly no lease, allegedly no money, allegedly lots of creditors

I suspect there is an element of trying to keep spirits up whilst there is even the slightest chance there may be a rescue. No matter how bad things are, Rushe cannot come out into the open and admit it. If he does the wolves will descend, creditors will pile in and then its definitely curtains.

If you were an investor with money to throw away, would you throw it over the canal - or in it? There may be not much difference.

Watching from afar, is it true that their Manager is one of the soon-to-be-investors for the ground purchase? Why else would he not have been sacked by now?

I find it difficult to believe he is a poor manager AND and idiot.

He’s a badly dressed shortarse as well:)

Look fellas, can’t you see what’s happening?

First of all they get a southern based gaffer in. Then they bring in southern based players.

Now they have swapped their last 2 HOME games to be away games. Both of which are south of Birmingham.



Arhhh now it makes sense, the Torquay Trickies, I thought they were just going bump but now I can see the wisdom in their plan.

So it’s “going down, going down,goin’ down, goin’ dahn, goin’ dahn, goin’ dahn sarf…”:laugh:

I see the Dwarf King is saying they are the “unluckiest” team in the league.
Maybe that’s southern speak for “sh*ttest”