Once again I am hearing rumours about Vics. They say that the Restaurants are closed and no one has been paid for six weeks and that Mr. Connet has "de-camped" to Spain. I aslo hear that the restaurants are just being "done up" and that Mr. Connett is just on holiday and people have been paid. So who do you believe? Personally I think there is too much "wishful thinking" by Witton supporters regarding Vics, I think Mr. Connett will go, but not just yet. A bad start next season, us in the Conference North and doing well may well see him depart. However, if we don’t go up and they have a good start all that will change.

I’m sure theres a song about Robert De Niro that could be adapted for this latest bit of gossip!

The restaurants have been sold by Mr.connett apparently.He will just collect the rent.

Upsettingly there weren’t open for business when a few of us popped up last night after the match?

I wonder if all the bills have been paid? Stuff like the brewery and food suppliers. That sort of thing leads to places like that closing.
We wouldn’t wish MC even on you lot - and that’s saying something!!