Vs Northwich

Same line up as monday vs Crewe? any views

Not sure about the team being the same as monday due to some of the players being trialists.<br><br>One query i do have is should the WAFC goal machine MM score, are the goals added to last seasons statistics as this final shouldve been played last season.

Howdy neighbours!<br>Due to the Vics message board being off line I thought I’d ask me daft questions here if that is ok?<br>Q1. What time is kickoff tomorrow?<br>Q2. How much will it be?<br><br>Cheers<br>ACVF

7:45pm Ko and probably ?6.50 adults and ?3 concessions

All details which can be found on the official site and its preview if you’d care to look AVF.<br><br>Have you got outstanding bill on the message board maybe? I expect the new board will get you an excellent up to date website with electronic turnstiles and… ???

Just to confirm a couple of the issues raised:-<br><br>1) All the players that appeared on Monday have been registered. Wouldn’t be surprised personally if the same X1 start - nb Three named subs only allowed. Makes my job a bit easier at least!!!<br><br>2) Any stats go to this season - btw as this competition is a secondary cup then any goals scored do not count under the league / FA totting up process.

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply and the "Mild" piss taking ;)<br><br>Just a thought. If we win the final tomorow shoud we rename it to the Tenants cup?? :P<br>

any segregation tonight?<br>(would be a shame)

[quote]Posted by: vicster Posted on: 1:34pm Today
any segregation tonight?
(would be a shame)
[/quote]<br><br>Nah - we don’t expect the opposition to have many fans to bring…!!

A disgraceful bunch of mindless yobs ruined a good occasion tonight considering it’s the 5th August. A good competitive game was spoiled at the end by so-called fans who subjected the referee to disgusting abuse,with fans like these- it is’nt the first time there’s been trouble involving witton fans in recent games, witton will find it difficult to attract others, particularly youngsters who should’nt have to hear that kind of abuse.

would you like to expand on the witton fans behaivour issue? apart from the idiots giving verbal to the refs i cant think of any occasion we have been in trouble?<br><br>if you are refering to woodley i was there and witton fans did absolutely nothing wrong, in awful provocation they acted very reasonably - would have been well within our rights to giv them a good kicking- but we didnt!<br><br>if im wrong then fair enough but i cant think of what your talkin about- and dont tar us all with the same brush- most of us are actually interested in the football not just venting our anger

Kidsgrove away!! A letter of complaint was even sent to the local paper! I repeat witton don’t need these abusive fans.