Warrington Town vs Witton Albion(Friendly)

Updates from Cantilever Park will appear here when available.

Latest Score: 1-0 to the Albion through Steve Foster.

have we signed mr foster??

Half Time Score: Warrington Town 0 Witton Albion 1.

Not sure if he has actually signed as yet but he can certainly score goals.

Latest Score now 3-0 to the Albion - Steve Foster got his second and Albion’s third from the spot with a Steve Hall strike sandwiched inbetween.

Full Time Score: Warrington Town 0 Witton Albion 3.

cheers for the updates wheels and great result. Put pen to paper fozzy!

We were easily the better side against Unibond 1 opposition.
We look good, strong and competitive in all departments.
Roll on the 15th.

Once again played some very promising football. The side looks fit and strong and will certainly be ‘match fit’ before the start of the season. From the games I have seen I have been impressed with the competitive manner in which the friendlies have been approached, I think we have used them to play as we would in league games.

Dave Neville, Steve Hall and Brad Maylett all look good. Boothy and Pritch have an excellent partnership (and ironically the ability to put Rudd at the back is a surprise benefit). Foster has been class in the two starts I have seen, scoring 5! He’ll soon be forgiven if he returns 5 goals every 2 games!

It’s sometimes a concern when you play good football in pre-season (remember the anti-climax of Lincoln away in fancy dress, after winning every pre-season game)? On the other hand I think Gary has assembled a very capable squad who on the evidence of some of the games seen so far could put together a very good season.

We live in hope!


New keeper Joe Glegg ( ex Blue Nose ) looked pretty good as well !

Good cup of coffee at the Cantilever also !

I was not impressed… with the band that were praticing in the club last night but was very impressed with the squad that Gary has put together, far better than this time last year. I would say good enough for a top half finish in the Premier league, whether its good enough to get us back up at the first attempt will depend on what kind of team our rivals have managed to assemble. Moseley, Brodie, Heller, Smith all sat on the bench, all four of those would have been dead certs to start in last years team.

Good point Rabbit about the pre-season prior to losing 1 - 0 at Lincoln. What i would say though is that the opposition we have faced this pre-season have been a better test than 2 years previous.

From what i saw at Rhyl we look good, we look fit, Gary knows the system he wants to play, and we have the players to play the way he wants us to.

Another good point is regarding the strength of the bench. Any team looking to challenge for promotion is going to rely on a reliable bunch of back-up players. I think we have that this season - IF we go into the season with this squad intact.

I agree we do look strong, fit and can play good football, foster adds the edge up front that can win games, not sure we have a good left winger yet unless maylett moves over there when Heler is fit he looks to have a good future, that would be a very strong midfield, both keepers we have look good shot stoppers but im not sure about there size and prescence - I always think a defence looks good when the keeper is commanding and communicates well, this settles the defence, lets hope the promising preseason turns into a title challenge.:slight_smile: