Must agree with Andy Chad, it would appeat that many posts are getting deleted, because they are not PC!! <br><br>The forum used to have lots of good banter and a few laughs, sadly that is not the case.<br><br>Perhaps instead of removing posts, the webmaster could spend the time updating the information on the website.

you volunteering then rob to update the website. ?<br>instead of critisicing the people you have done it FREE of charge for years.

Although you are clearly good buddies with the chairman, it appears to have slipped your attention that the forum was made members only at the request of the chairman following personal insults directed at him and his family.<br><br>Following that, a member of the board was made an administrator allowing him to monitor the posts on this board.<br><br>I’d like to point out for the record, that the website has always been maintained and updated as far as up to date information has been received and time constraints have allowed. Certainly the majority of my spare time has been taken up by volunteer work at Witton for the past few years, and I know that Neil has also been the same.<br><br>Is it any wonder that fewer people offer their spare time to help when instead of receiving thanks for what they have done, they are criticised for what they haven’t done.<br><br>Of course, I’ll speak to you at Ossett later to discuss these points further.<br><br>

Ah criticism is not a popular word, unless you happen to be certain people, myself included, who have been criticised ever since getting involved with the Club, even when working FREE of charge as Tonee puts it.<br><br>Everyone who works voluntarily for the club is to be admired, ones who take on bigger roles cannot expect the plaudits all the time, you have to take the knocks as well. <br><br>If a member makes a comment then it should not be taken off. Thats all I have to say on the subject.

I have not deleted a post for a good coupleof months now!<br><br>Admittedly the wesbite is not as up to date as it used to be - there are less people doing it now and they do not have as much spare time as they’d like to help the club.<br><br>The fixtures/results ahowever is always updated and anything the board or anyone else asks to be put on the news page is always added.<br><br>Maybe if we’d not bothered making the effort in the past we’d not get critisised now. <br>Whats your excuses then?<br><br>Incidently if anyone feels then can do a better job I’m more than happy to talk them through it. Rob?<br>

Neil, there is no intended criticism of you or Debbie, the banter, even with Peter Mellor used to bring a smile to people and I suppose many of us who come on here do miss it.<br><br>I recognise that there was a problem, and any personal attacks should not be allowed.<br><br>All volunteers at Witton are to be admired, there are so many and they certainly deserve some success. <br><br>As you and Debbie quite rightly say, circumstances change, not all in happy changes though. <br><br>From my point of view, I have taken plenty of criticism ever since I joined the Board, I certainly did my bit, I would still like to have been involved and helping the Chairman who is an excellent man, sadly personal reasons dictated that I had to step down. These were kept private apart from the Board, but if we are talking excuses then the fact that my partner was seriously injured in a car accident in July should suffice.<br><br>Thankfully she is on the mend and should return to work in the next few weeks and I might be able to do some more work for the club.

<br><br>sorry to hear that rob, hope everything goes well for her.

It would be nice to have someone who can spend oddles of time working on the website, updating everything and making it look like a professional’s I know some other sites look very flashy, but we haven’t got that person unfortunetly first Mike T and then Debbie and Neil have done a great job in updating ‘the important bits’ ie results, match reports and news from the club as for the deleting of posts I know I was a victim of some very poor taste postings before it was made members only, I can laugh at most things but some of it got just a bit too insulting, it takes 2 mins to register so if people want to ‘debate’ things then take that two mins, as for criticism sometimes people deserve it, in this case they don’t.