Wednesday evening at the Netdec.....

I abhor giving a penny piece to Rushe’s outfit but by god I’m going on Wednesday and supporting Glossop North End COME ON THE HILLMEN!!!

Let’s hope Jamie Rainford gets a hatful :goal

The Glossop keeper will be in for a big surprise on Wednesday night after telling a lady Vics fan to get back in her kitchen :pie :pie :pie

Why is she baking him a cake?

V*cs fans singing songs lauding drugs and that Rushe is going down before kick off. They got a pen and scored after 3 mins but Glossop equalused on 12. Glossop keeper, one Andy Robertson fumbled a weak shot and was then sent off…didn’t see why 1-1 at ht…

He punched our player in the Guts, Silly billy, Maybe he should of stayed in his Kitchen cooking tea. Oh and P.s. Its was the Glossop Fans singing about Rushey, for some strange reason in one of their biggest games ever they decided to stay down at the Vics end in both halves to try and cause trouble, well done to the Witton Stewards for stepping in.

That was very wise as I suspect that they would have outnumbered the JRFC fans by 10-1