What a difference a year a season makes

I was just looking at our attendances this season, first game against Ossett Town attracted 220, the last league game 520, including the playoff semi against Matlock we’re averaging 390 (not including cup games where we have a couple of 600+) The last game of the season will see the highest attendance for Witton since the 92 season when we made it to Wembley. A win on Saturday would then provide games against the likes of Altrincham bringing 500+ so at last all these years of cutting our clothe to fit our budget so to speak is finally paying off, well done to everyone for all the tremdous hard work that has been put in and I truly hope that Saturday brings the reward that all you guys deserve.

PS on the flip side, Mr Connetts kingdom across the canal attracted 1346 on the opening day and 515 on the last so he started 400 people below budget and finished 1200 below.

Good site that Stu makes interesting reading, not least because it shows that Witton have enjoyed the biggest increase of all the clubs in the unibond, another ‘reason to be cheerful’

Its called fans of football i northwich are seeing the light and the future is definately red and white! :smiley: Come on Witton!

Let’s not "crow" too soon, we need to win on Saturday and see what Connett plans before we start doing that.

Mr Connett is worthy of our derision, therefore we will continue to bad mouth him.

For once, Witton and Vics fans have something in common ;D

Bit unfair Greenie, I think he is doing a great job at Northwich ;D ;D ;D

Ah, Mr Mellor. Welcome back ::slight_smile:

The real Point is yes attendances have improved at Witton and yes lets not get involved in whats happening with Mr Connett or Vics. We have our own agenda to think about. This has to start in the next couple of weeks as well. We need to strike now while we are still on a high I’m thinking specifically of -:

  1. Getting into the local community for sponsership next season e.g .local business etc along the lines Benny did last pre season. Everyone is getting to hear about Witton so lets capitalise now!!
  2. Jim after a couple of weeks rest probably needs to sort out his retained list and get into the players we need to sign for next season. Sorry to say this but some players might leave and some new ones might come in. I’m sure Jim knows what he is doing on this front but again we need to get in there while we are on a high not leave it till the end of the summer
  3. The ground move. This is obviously down to Mike. I’m sure he will progress this with his usual energy and vigour but I guess an informal meeting with the Rugby and Cricket clubs to discuss Moss Farm would be a starting point then the same with Vale Royal.
    The point I’m trying to make here is lets keep up all our initiatives and not let this ride. Don’t lets get complacent we need to keep moving forward and us the fans need to play our part in this too.