What's just happened to the Forum ??

Have we been updated? Not sure I am liking the new format :frowning:

Have implemented a security update to the forum software - this did not affect the appearance. I also uploaded a new, (much) more advanced template. I can switch back but it will take me a while to manually recode some sections of the software.

What in particular do you not like, and how would you like it changing? (This is a question for all users).

If it is a case of colour changes, they would be trivial to implement. The sidebar on the left can be moved to top, bottom or right of screen, again that would take just a few seconds.

Personally I much pefer this layout, but wil go with the majority view. The only thing I don’t like is the green background to the ‘Submit’ button! Will delve into the code now and change this.
EDIT: Should now be a much nicer colour!

As long as it’s easy to use and I’m still able to do the same as before I have no problem with it.

Love it!

I checked in as usual at work today and just returned home to THIS!! Sorry but it seem much less user friendly and in my most humble opinion it’s shite.

Hi Mike - I wouldn’t go as extreme as MM’s description but I, personally, prefer the previous layout.
I think the previous had a bold look to it - this format is a bit wishy-washy.

Wheels - you have all the facilities from the previous version plus a few more.

GE - Do you mean the colours are too washed out? I felt the default text colour was not dark enough and have altered it to be full black.

MM - there is nothing constructive in your comment for me to work with. Please be specific if possible.

I’ve moved the sidebar functions to the top and darkened the main text font. I still feel that this is a much nicer layout than the original template but please make constructive comments and be specific. As I said in my earlier post, I will go with the majority view, but if you give me specific things to work on I will do my best to please the majority of people.

I agree with GE in that I prefer the bolder font of the previous layout. It doesn’t have the clear definition between posts as the previous layout had. Maybe it’s just because I am a techno dinosaur.

had a quick go on the new layout, found it fine to be honest, everything seems in the correct place and easy to find , did all that I wanted it to do.

I think it is fine mike. Tidier and a little more modern, Thank you.

Seems okay to me.

Apologies for reacting and saying what I did. It is very neutral rather than bold as it was before. Uninspiring neutral looking and wishy washy. It’s just not bold enough.

No problem with you expressing your opinion, just that it’s much more helpful when combined with specific reasons, as in your post above.

Looks good to me Mike.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that there is no border between each post on a thread (or maybe its just very light?) which makes it slightly difficult to read on from one post to the next. Also there seems to be a bit of a gap between posts but I’ve no idea if anything could be done about either.

As always thanks for your time and work on this mate it is after all the main forum for Wittoners to have their two penneth.

PS Mike the avatar next to log in/log out is really small. Also noted no borders on the “recent topics” page. Cheers mate

So far I’ve only looked at the display on a desktop, which personally I think looks fine. As it is responsive, it may look very different on other devices with different screen sizes. Sorry to be a pain, but please mention what type of device (desktop, tablet or 'phone) you are using when you submit any comments about the display format.


Mines just a laptop mike (Toshiba Satellite) and the only things that seem to be missing are borders/segregation between each post and thread topic, quite big gaps too. Otherwise looks good.

Thanks to everyone for their comments. I’ll do some more work on this during the week.

I Like the fact that the new website remembers who I am, not like the old one where I had to log on every time I entered the site.

Who can forget you , Geoff !!!