Where Do You Want To Be In 6 Months - FANS MEETING

[color=#ff0000][size=5][u][b][center][b]WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE IN 6 MONTHS TIME?


SOCIAL CLUB 08:00pm[/b][/center][/b][/u][/size][/color]

There will be a fans meeting in the Social Club this coming Thursday.

A lot has happened since the close season, thanks to much work behind the scenes.

The club is growing at a rapid rate, and it is important that everybody involved with the club not only knows which direction the club is going in, but also have some input into this.

We are on a mission, but we will never get there unless all our efforts are focused together.

In certain areas, help is needed.

Please come along to the meeting, give your input where requested, and see if you can help in anyway for Witton Albion to achieve its goals.

Damn, always a thursday which I struggle to make ? if like me you cant make it then talk to mark or neil and see whats happening and if you can help we are only small but what a great club and we need to pull together

Any general updates from the meeting ? of course I realise any sensitive stuff will be kept off the forum.

The board are going NOWHERE.
2 year shirt sponsorship deal (new home shirt, with sponsor, on sale this saturday!)
More helpers required at and around the Club.

Thanks Robbo, I had hoped that was the case sorry I coudnt be there.

Absolutely brilliant thanks for posting that good news!

maybe now the rumour mongers will keep their mouths shut, and stop getting egg on their faces. they really do make themselves a laughing stock. we are witton and the board, players, staff, management, volounteers and true fans are what make witton what they are, THE BEST RUN CLUB IN ENGLAND. come you reds.