Whisper it....

Albion have won the November ‘Club of the Month’ award & will be presented with the prize before Saturday’s game against North Ferriby United.<br><br>The impressive results are:<br><br>v Alsager Town 2-0<br>v Stalybridge 2-1<br>v Ilkeston 0-0 (Albion actually won 8-0 that day!)<br>v Fleetwood 3-1<br>v Radcliffe 1-0<br>v Stamford 3-0<br>v Clitheroe 8-1<br><br>GE<br>

I know its the kiss of death but its great for the players and management to get the recognition for their recent achievements.<br><br>We’ve only lost one in the last 18 and that was aet to Farsley.<br><br>

Message for James and Richard my two little Northwicher’s, Don’t you wish your team could score 8 rather than concede 8? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Best team in town by a mile and we will prove it in January, if your lot dare to play us and don’t chicken out like you chickened out of playing Alsager in the Mid-Cheshire Cup.<br>WHS.

Nice to see we finally get a few column inches in the local rag this week. Am sick to the back teeth of reading about the Celtic wannabes from over the canal. Even when they got stuff 8 nil they still got more POSITIVE coverage than us.<br>Well done Jimmy Vince for steering us to this award. Although we did pick it up at a similar stage of last season, only to lose the majority of our first team soon after.<br>Which i guess is as good a reason as any for those who can to help out with the fund raising for the playing budget. Like others, i personally don’t have the financial clout to help out directly, but if all of us can think of ways to raise ?30 quid here and ?30 there then that is just as important. Stamford last week was amazing. For my generation who missed out on big away days during the NPL winning season, and the following conference years, a successful team now gives us our chance to put some new memories in the Witton museum.<br>So if everyone makes it down to home games, then that helps. For those who can’t always get there, maybe put 3 or 4 quid to one side and pass that to Len, Andy, or Jim next time you are at a game. Buy a shirt or a tracksuit. Just anything really that helps out.<br>We have the most exciting team we’ve had in years, so it would be a complete travesty to miss out on promotion because we couldn’t keep it together.<br><br>Here’s to 3 more points on Saturday!

Congratulations everyone on this well deserved award, testimony to all the hard work that has gone into giving us a team to be very proud of and rightly so.

Doing my best Robbo, ?1 a point, ?5 for the FA Trophy win, ?2 for the League Cup win and bought a ?15 polo shirt, if the wife finds out, I’m dead!!! Seriously, I think a pound a point is not too drastic for most people, anyone else willing to join in?<br>WHS.

well done to everyone associated with the club, well deserved… it has been a pleasure to watch these last few weeks real value for money exciting stuff. Lets keep it up and the gates will improve im sure.

400 tomorrow surely after these great results.<br>WHS

No kiss of death, this afternoon either. Took just 92 seconds to take the lead. Here’s to this month’s already!!