Who Remembers Witton v Grantham 2012?

Coincidentally, given that we play Grantham on Saturday, Today’s Guardian newspaper (The national one) has a reference to one of our previous meetings in 2012. Someone from Grantham has contacted them to remember this game during which we used three different strips! The referee made us change after 15 mins after deciding our red and white stripes clashed with Grantham’s Black and White stripes. For some reason he hadn’t spotted this till then. . We changed into yellow for the rest of the first half. Then someone pointed out the yellow strip had an old sponsors name on it so we changed into blue for the second half.
The Guardian are wondering if this has ever been beaten.

Remember gazza getting ejected from the stadium by the stewards for showing the home fans his butt, they escorted him out of the gate and straight back into the bar!

I think that was an earlier game, wasn’t it? That one was at Grantham, but I think the kit change game was at home.

From memory, I think the reason we had to change at half time for the 2nd time was because the shirts we had originally changed into did not have the Evo-stik badge on it but rather a badge representing a previous League sponsor. Also, from memory, I think our kit man (Des Heesom) was not in attendance that night due to illness, which didnt help.

Changed my scarf three times that day !

That’s as often as Northwich fans change their allegiance :laugh:

I remember us playing at Grantham one year, we beat them and a woman attacked the referee with her umbrella as they were leaving the pitch.

Yes, I heard about it yesterday at Grantham. Apparently the lady concerned was an octogenarian.