Who would you like to see up front????

Now Frostys fit and Warlow and Sanasey are scoring and G Jones isnt a million miles away and Mikes due back soon plus the Crouchy look alike who would you like to see as a partnership?<br> [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif]

well you could probably take warlow out of the equation because hes only on loan and i think griff jones was only brought in to cover mike and frosty. so out of whose left i would choose mike and sanasay. would playing all three be an option then you could keep jones happy with a place on the bench.

but if you play with 3 you take the exceptional wide play we have at the moment.

iam glad its the manager’s choice and not mine.

Frosty n mike played well together pre season ifd i remember correctly??

Id personally love to see Adam Warlow and Carl Frost just because there both quick and wud chase everything down for us.

cant really fault Kev Sanasay at the moment, seems hungry…good comeback from MM on Saturday when he came on…its great to see a bit of compition up there can only be a positive…

Defo. Mike has been assured of his place for too long now. Can only do him good to have a bit of competition.<br>I think Sanasay and Warlow are first choice pairing on merit at the moment, but MM isn’t a bad sub to bring on is he! When Warlow returns to Crewe i’d go with MM and KS, with Frostie being a useful weapon from the bench due to his pace.

Mike has only been assured of his place because hes the most consistent goalscorer we’ve had for 10 Years.<br><br>Warlow has to be seen as a temporary measure, but its great to see competition for places up front.<br><br><br>

Certainly agree with you there Andy. I think MM deserves his place in Albion Folklore! Wont hurt him to have a bit of competition though, get some of his old hunger back.<br>I definatley wouldn’t want to be without him.

Am I seeing double or have I had one too many babyshams?<br> ::slight_smile: