Whos the next manager then...?

Shall we put a few names forward?<br><br>A few I heard mentioned yesterday as people some fans would like were:<br><br>Kevin Glendon (radcliffe)<br>Andy Preece (Carlise player ex Bury manager)<br><br>I’d be interested in Tony Handcock possibly (woodley)<br><br>Any others you can come up with?

How about Mark Molineux<br><br>Rossendale

Happy to have either Preece, Hancock or Glendon but not Molinuex. He’s a prat and has gone through I think 4 clubs now and never achieved anything. Someone mentioned Gresley’s manager Gary Norton whose done a good job there.

[quote]Posted by: coep Posted on: 9:31am Today
How about Mark Molineux

[/quote]<br><br>Good god - I hope not!! What on earth has he ever achieved other than a reputation of being a complete idiot? AND he’d just bring all his gang of players with him who aren’t good enough for our level.<br><br>And his discipline is absolutely non-existent - not the sort of person we could do with here!!

We could’nt afford Preece, in any event we don’t want a player manager. Glendon for me.

I think Glendon is a director as well as mgr, so dont think he will come ? I think Hancock from woodley will be favourite He has a tap into some good players, plays exciting wing football and has worked on a shoestring budget with some success- at the end of the day we nearly have a good team here at Witton now ! only need direction and enthusiasm get rid of the dead wood and bring in 2-3 players to be real title challengers.<br>The sooner the better as chairmen running teams do not work - players hate non footballing business men telling them about football.

Just to keep you informed, there has been a considerable interest in the job, many surprising contenders have put there name in the hat. <br><br>Many currently in work and of course plenty who aren’t.<br><br>The job of sorting them out and drawing up a short list is under way - watch this space.

;DIs one of the surprising names Glenn - my childhood hero? Is It? Is It? Is It?<br><br>I’ll not sleep tonite now!!!

Well its not Mr Quinn, gone to Peterborough as assistant manager according to Sky Sports

If Molineux did come with his gang of players wouldn’t that mean we would have Stu Tulloch back?