Why does this site show one new entry when there are none?

The simple answer is that it doesn’t!

However there are possible reasons that your device may show that there is a new entry but yu have already seen it. One is that if you are not logged in and view a post that you have not looked at whilst logged in, next time you log in the post will be flagged up as not seen by you - the system cannot tell what you look at when you are not logged in. Another possibility is caching. If your device caches a local copy it may display page content that is no longer current. There are other possibilities, but those two are the most likely.

Cheers, been there on my PC and on my Kindle for months!!

Tried everything this old man knows but it still comes up on my PC and Kindle. Still, it is doing no real harm.

Try clicking on ‘Mark Topics Read’ next to the ‘New Topic’ button on the relevant section.

That has always worked for me when I’ve had this problem in the past

Bloody Magic!!! Many thanks Thomas.

No problem Alan