wiiton 0-0 Burscough

Hmm hardly a classic<br>lets look at the good points-<br><br>I dont think we got any injuries<br>very few bookings<br>a very good attendance (well done to all involved)<br>We didnt get beaten<br>we’re still in touching distance of the play offs<br>we didnt get trounced 5-0<br>help me out guys…<br><br>Seriously though bad day at the office but we we’re desperately outplayed were we?<br>Had the chances gne in 1st half it’d have been different - had they converted theirs it’d have been different too!<br><br>We need the balance in midfield, connors, brown, peers, whalley, gaghan.Unfortunatley again we were short today due to injuries.<br><br>People will however need to remember last Saturday was superb but it won’t happen every week.<br>Today was pretty poor by standards - that wont happen every week either.

Think I’ve just watched the match replayed at Old Trafford!!<br><br>Very short report folks - nuff said eh?<br><br><br>UniBond Premier Division<br><br>WITTON ALBION 0 BURSCOUGH 0<br><br>TEAM: Worsnop: Brown Alistair, Pritchard, Spearritt, Brownhill; Whalley, Foy (Jones Griff 53), Connors, Sanasy (Gahgan 71); Warlow (Frost 80) & Moseley.<br><br>Entertainment Value 2 MoM Tom Spearritt (far more comfortable and several crucial tackles).<br><br><br>The highest crowd of the season, by a long chalk, at the Britannia Carpets Stadium witnessed a pretty lacklustre performance by the home team whilst the visitors were guilty of squandering some easy chances that were gifted them.<br><br>The match had opened brightly and it needed a goal-line clearance from Ryan Bowen to deny Albion?s leading scorer Adam Warlow a goal in only the 2nd minute. Tim Dittmer, the keeper Burscough had signed as cover from Vauxhall Motors, then produced a full length dive to stop Mike Moseley?s shot. On 20 minutes the home team?s reasonable shout for a penalty kick for a handball as Warlow?s shot was blocked, were ignored by the Sheffield based match officials. <br><br>The clearest chance then fell to Burscough?s Neil Robinson on 34 minutes who, having got on the end of a Matthew McGinn high ball in, completely misjudged an easy heading opportunity. Kevin Leadbetter though was guilty of an even worse miss when presented with an open goal following some woeful defending as the half drew to a close.<br><br>Leadbetter was immediately in action twice in the first minute of the second half, home keeper Jon Worsnop held his first shot with the striker firing narrowly over as Albion failed to clear their lines. <br><br>For the home side attacks were limited and when the ball did break for them Moseley and Shaun Whalley got in each others way and Dittmer was able to gather the loose ball comfortably. With 15 minutes left substitute Chris Gahgan was quickly involved but sent his shot over the cross-bar. <br><br>Two minutes later from a cross by Robbie Booth visiting defender Michael White headed straight at Worsnop before Witton?s veteran defender Brian Pritchard got on the end of a Steve Connors free-kick but saw his shot strike the upright.<br><br><br>Following the match Jim Vince announced that Albion had secured Adam Warlow’s loan period for the rest of the season after Crewe Alex left it to the player to make his own decision.

I really want to say something positive about today we had 3 or 4 players playing out of position and to be honest it showed, They came to spoil and get a draw and maybe steal a goal, on a usual day we would have taken them apart but we didn’t so well done to Burscough but I can tell you if I had to watch those tactics every week I would rather watch England… another game on Tuesday and another game closer to getting our midfield fit again.

Good summary Picko - games come thick and fast (its the same for every team but) the players who looked pretty tired after Tuesday has to do it all over again today.<br>To be honest its a good job, as Jim says we have a strong squad or it could have een worse over the last couple of weeks.<br>Its a marathon not a sprint - the above news on Warlow is excellent and should be a boost for everyone.

Forgot to give a mention to Andy Chad, well done for boosting the crowd today and I hope we can persuad a lot to come again… over to Rob Sproston whom I’m sure is knocking on all doors to boost the gates too

Yep thanks a lot Andy I am sure the kids enjoyed it, even if it was a poor game to watch, we couldnt get a seats together in the stand!! when was the last time that happend, hopefully the freebie tickets were an encouragement to put some money over the bar etc

positives are;<br>A clean sheet (first since Ferriby i think??)<br>Tom S back in his rightful position (and MOTM so what does that suggest)<br>Griff Jones making his comeback<br>50 minutes for Adam Foy.<br><br>However, yesterday and tuesday demonstrated how important it is to score goals when you’re on top. We should of killed Marine off in the first half on Tues, we should of been infront within the first 25 minutes or so yesterday. If you don’t score when you’re on top, you’re probably not going to score at all. In my opinion 4 points dropped. We haven’t lost, which is great, but if we have serious promotion ambitions then we need to stop coming away from matches thinking "what if…", or "if only…". We’re doing enough to win matches, but not actually winning them.<br><br>Tuesday night is now MASSIVE. Further points lost and it could be 2 points from a possible 9 - not promotion material. We’ve given the team credit for overcoming some tough fixtures so far this season, but yesterday should really of been a home banker.<br><br>I still have faith in Jim, but we can’t keep dropping points at home.

It certainly wasn’t a great game and having watched Weymouth at 1pm the difference in quality compared to the conference was a little depressing (if inevitable). <br><br>However obviously it was an off day and if we look back 12 months there is plenty to be positive about so let’s keep on going lads and at least we didn’t lose after gifting them an (almost) open goal in the first half.<br><br>Have to say though, I cannot believe I watched 3 full football matches in one day and didn’t witness a goal. Imagine the odds if I’d had a punt on that!

Great effort by EVERYONE at the club Saturday. <br><br>Special thanks to Julia on the turnstiles, Sigi, Ian Stanley and all associated with the Juniors for their assistance and the families of the Juniors and Beavers for attending on Saturday. It was fantastic to see the family stand full. Just a pity that the game was awful! <br><br>If we can build on the work that Jim, Benny and the coaching staff are doing in conjunction with the Juniors and other local youth organisations then we should see the next generation of supporters, and maybe even players coming through.<br><br>Will look to repeat the exercise in the near future. If anyone has links to any other organisation that they would like to involve then please contact me.<br><br>

On my holidays strange getting out of bed and looking at the result, just been to see Minnesotta Vikings v Detroit Lions in NFL Witton could do with that razamataz, good result for Jim , will kep watching the site.

I couldnt get to the game :'(, as im on holiday in Florida ;D Oh its too hot 8) Sorry guys im told its a bit cold back in the U.K. Ill be back in time for tuesdays game but i cant see Helen being too pleased with me if i go to the game :-/

Well the game would have been loads different if the ref had given 1 of the 3 good penalty shouts for handball in the book. Burscough’s number 3 got very lucky with one in particular as i recall. <br><br>Clean sheet though, just thanks to their striker. Missed Peers.

Well done to all concerned for getting so many youngsters through the gates - what a pity isn’t wasn’t the performance of week before! That said, there will be ups and downs but the overall view has to be that we continue to make progress.<br><br>I can’t say I was overly impressed with Burscough, I expected more especially when you consider Pick’s point about Albion players out odfposition.<br><br>I haven’t seen anything yet that we can’t beat in our league. A bit more confidence and consistency will see us climb that table.<br><br>Definitely good news on Adam Warlow…