I see from the local rag that the wincham development has been refused planning consent ? is this good or bad, if we are not moving for some years ? 2011 was mentioned as the next review date ? then we need to attract some new directors/investment to the club, i agree with mike w that we dont really want a connett or a warrender here ( eg rich but not interested in the club ) but we do neeed someone to strengthen the board and finances, we cant rely on selling the ground now for some time.<br> :-/<br>

Well I am starting out in the world of work soon, when i’ve got my first million i will be heading straight over to Wincham Park…

ok loz well dont forget your old friend ched when u are a millionaire!!!

I take it from this that the story I heard that Witton were moving to the land on Middlewich Road, behind the Hyundai Garage is not true? The source of this story seemed remarkably well informed, so are we sure it is not going to happen?<br>WHS.