Witton 0 v Grnck Mrton 2

That was my first viewing of the boys this seaosn and I hope things pick up, cos there isn’t much to rave about.<br><br>The Scottish side did look like they had had a few more games under their belts, but I do not reckon they were deserving of a 0-2 scoreline. <br><br>It was good to see Pritch marshalling the troops once again, and Danny Byrne had quite a good first half, but unfortunately did not take his chances.<br><br>Interesting referee tonight, a guy called Mr Cummings, if the name doesn’t ring any bells, go and take a look at the name of the guy that was in charge of the Woodley Sports game, oh yes my friends, it was the very same man!

See, I thought the first half showing was a pretty good showing. Morton have already at least played Alty and Vics, and we had many new players in the team.<br><br>Thought the guys who stayed from last season looked sharp compared to this time last season.<br><br>Second half was a different matter, granted, but I didn’t even know most of the guys still out there.<br><br>

first half we dominated, but got caught near the end. second half was a different matter an a different team. we made it easy for them to play the ball around in the middle an down the wings. few new lads came on an showed they were not used to playing with 3 in the middle, but the’ve showed in training that the good enough to adapt.

Morton played a stronger side in the 2nd half - agree 1st half was closely contested - thanks to all for hospitality.