Witton 1 Bishop Auckland 0

Well we won 1-0, not a game that will live long in the memory most of the entertainment coming after the final whistle, I think if Bishop show that much fight during the game then they might get themselves out of the bottom 4.<br><br>P.S Did anyone notice how much weight Debbie is putting on? [smiley=banane.gif]

It must be those two pies I had today Jac. Alan Potts is to blame for that!<br><br>The cheek of it!! [smiley=cheezy.gif]<br><br>Not a great game but a win. Wins are what’s needed.<br><br>From Fatty<br><br> :wink:

The cheek of it Deb??? How very droll!!!

Erm yes a classic it was not.<br><br>The most entertaining part of the 97 being Graham replacing the liner, you had a great game Graham!<br><br>Shame the same couldn’t be said for the ref, doc could you sergically remove that whistle from this throat and place it in a more suitable place maybe? ::)<br><br>Without trying to moan too much - we all know what we saw but you have to feel sorry for adam foy doing seemingly Jordan’s AND Mellons running. (does the later ever move to a ball?) a deserved MOM and a goal too.<br>

Not sure why your sub "liner" didn’t get man of the match for disallowing that goal, and not seeing that blatent penalty!!! <br><br>Sorry about the "afters" [smiley=ranting.gif] Things are a bit tense down at the bottom of the league. Still, it gave the ref chance to show how to control a situation. His authority could surely not be questioned after that display.<br><br>It’s all calmed down now though !!!<br><br>Get yourselves along to the Brewery Field on 16th April. It should be tidied up by then. We will try to make you feel as welcome as we were made today. Thanks to everyone concerned.

Good posting Bishop [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br> The heat needed to be taken out of a stupid incident.

I have not been to a game in years where a referee commanded as little respect as Saturday.<br><br>Players were swearing and insulting him all game and he did absolutely nothing to warrant any respect.<br><br>Amongst other things he was called an F.in Idiot, Richard head and pr1ck.<br><br>He seemed absolutely incapable of asserting any authority on the game-The running battle between Adam and Bishops No.8 being an example of an accident waiting to happen.<br><br>In reply to Bishops goal disallowed - which 1 of the 2 offside players shouldnt have been adjudged so???<br><br>And 6.0 for the dive.<br><br>Wonder whether we will see any action from our Chairman with regard to the indiscipline shown by some of our personnel after the game?<br><br>Or was Eddie Bishop just not flavour of the month!

I think the big difference with Eddie was he went after the referee

Must have been something in the air yesterday I think!<br><br>I see Alty had some problems too; apparently Graham Heathcote jumped into the stand to attack a sponsor (someone who he’d had an ongoing non-football related feud with) and has handed in his resignation!<br><br>I have to admit I didn’t actually see much of what went on; I’ve heard random stories so I can’t comment on any action that should be taken. Like Jac says though, I’m not aware of any of our staff approaching officials to fight, more so that we were protecting our own. Although as I say, that’s what I heard; I didn’t actually see any of it.<br><br>

tempers fray in heat it is a well known adage.Yesterday was typical. A very warm day,testosterone on high and a inept ref sitting on the fence. a perfect recipe for brawl!!As for Neil’s request see what can be done!!!

[smiley=cheezy.gif]I got laughed at when I put it all down to testosterone, Doc!!<br><br> ;D<br><br>

Great win lads! :o ;D

Disgusted by the re-action after the game, what example does that give to the younger fans. Slighty better performance in a poor game against poor opposition and another woeful gate on a day when bad weather couldn’t be blamed.

can blame the oestrogens so it has to be testosterones!!!

Thanks for that insight "Matt" the Vics fan.

Very dissapointing game, poor football - more than 2 passes strung together I think not, seems everything is long ball now since we signed spike ? but we are not good at it, mellons doesnt work, doesnt control the game and doesnt win tackles, hes either unfit or past it and our highest paid player ? king looks fed up on the left wing and so doesnt seem to try, I still maintain we are better than were playing but something is wrong the approach to team play and movement is non existent - foy excepted, baker looked ok for 40 mins, also thought yates should have had a runout replacing mellons just after 1/2 time putting king in the centre, only 2 shots yesterday and foy had both - creativity from midfield none- looking forward to next season already. [smiley=dunno.gif]

A very good analysis CJ, wasnt just me thinking that then.<br><br>To be fair I felt sorry for Damo being the man who had to hold the 7 minutes board up.<br><br>Says it all when more posts on here were about post match incidents and pie eating! Must admit I thought the peas were nicer than normal, any views?

We have left no stone unturned to find peas that our fans, despite being green, will prefer.<br>That is all I wish to say about yesterday.<br>GE :slight_smile:

I know where you can get some cheap food die from GE. Red & White stripes anyone?