Witton 1 Hyde 1

How have we not had 6 points off this team this season?<br><br>Excellent performance again, this time against the team pushing for the title. We had so many chances to win it; what with Mike’s penalty miss and Danny’s open goal!!<br><br>Unsure of why their equaliser was allowed after the liner raised his flag for offside; are there some rules that I don’t know?<br><br>Thought Jordan King had an excellent game today although I don’t expect any of his critics to stick their neck out and say well done. <br><br>Well done guys; results have been kind too so here’s to a Cup final then 3 points on Saturday at Bishop if Benny permits the use of the ground (surely that’s all he’s got left to do now?!)<br><br> [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Superb game & performance once again (getting delightfully regular this isn’t it). With the other results we are still pushing and knocking on the door.<br><br>Thought everyone played well, King adapted well to his right back roll indeed and very good to see connors back in the squad.<br><br>Looking forward to Monday and then finally some edible food up at Spennymoor! (they have a burger van now)

Great game today. Their the games you really look forward to. Thought Jordan King would have been MOM had it not been for Andy Ralph’s 2 great saves off that corner right near the end. He had no right to save them 2 shots.<br> Thought they were quite lucky to sneak the point in the end. Things will look better if the Unibond League do what is right. Only down side is Prescot move joint with us & Burscough look likely to beat Ossett at home on Monday in their game in hand but you never know.<br><br> Won’t be at the Bamber Bridge game but confident of lifting the Trophy in the return leg. Good luck lads. ;D

Its the first game I have been to in a while due to the missis having broke her leg! What a difference to the team, I thought they looked really exciting superb football and great to watch, the changes certainly look for the better ;D

Thought it was a game we should have won and should have lost,<br>I thought Pritch was MoM again.

A game that would have been even better if we had a ref who let the game flow a bit more, Thought he was pretty consistant though got most things wrong for both sides!

Just to add my two pennies worth…<br><br>I am one of Jordan Kings critics and maybe GF has found a position for him afterall, he did have a good game, and I reckon he made more tackles in that game than in all his previous appearances.<br><br>I guess a 1-1 was a slight disappointment, what with Danny’s open goal miss and Mike’s missed penalty.<br><br>However, what are we expecting of these guys, too many matches in not enough days, fatigue is now going to be a regular feature in all our remaining fixtures.<br><br>The only negative aspect of the current performances and I hate to say it, but our new guy at left back hasn’t cut the mustard as of yet, he gives the ball away a bit too frequently for my liking. I hope he comes good, because going forward he looks much better.