Witton 2-2 Gateshead

Well, horrific start to a game we salvaged something from, but really should have had all 3 points today. No disrespect to Gateshead but I thought they looked very poor and we should be beating sides like that.<br><br>Again though the possession and "chances" were there to have killed it off. (god only knows how we’d have reacted to a 2-0 deficit this time last season!)<br><br>The first time I’m been picky this season but thuoght we didn’t look as strong in midfield today as we usually do and lacked anything on the right hand side with Kingy missing out the midfield completley. However we did seem to get aJones/MM on the end of a lot of his balls so maybe its best that way!<br><br>Still looking in a reasonable league position and plenty of games to go though and the FA Cup just around the corner…

I Agree…Gateshead were poor…should be winning teams of that standard,to have any chance of winning anything…thought we would still win even when we went 0-2 down…restricted them to very few chances. But it did,nt happen for us. At least we kept trying . and got back to 2-2…its a point, long way to go still, we wont be the only team to have easy points taken off us…Bring on LEEK… :slight_smile:

Again, thought the defence was poor although parky played well after early nerves, they only had 2 chances and they were mistakes by us ? thought byrne was the only decent player in midfield albeit all his best weork is done in attack ? begs the question should we play 3 deeper midfielders and byrne in the hole behind the strikers, ben jones played quite well, but he had 3 clear chances and shinned them all? wonder what his career scoring record is like ? does anyone know when foy,spike, stannard are back? anyone think like me that pritch is still needed at the back for pinch, and id like to connors in the team either at left back or left mid to add a bit of bite, it will be interesting to see if spike gets back in - i think he will but who will miss out ? overall 2 points dropped against a team that offered nothing really, so if we get our form going I think the playoffs beckon.

Well…cj …guest…dont no what games you watch…but your comments on the teams proformance after the last 2 games are crazy…all you seem 2 do is pull the side to bits…instead of giving them you praise. Cant see were your coming from back 4…midfield and forwards …have all done well…dont you think if mistakes wer,nt made by any1…they would be playing at a higher standard…i think stick with them…and… the lads who will come back … they will give us 1 of the best seasons we,ve had here 4 a while…Give them Incouragement …dont slate them …

We didn’t win either game so we must have done something wrong.

We did,nt… LOSE either…GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO GEL…There a young side 4 god sake…room was,nt built in a day…


Having only just returned from holiday it would be wrong of me to comment too much based on the one game. <br>Individually there is a lot of talent in the side, however it was quite noticeable that the players were very quiet on the pitch and in my opinion lack a leader.<br>I recall PRITCH being left out of the start of last season<br>and we had the same problem.<br>Im certainly not having a go at any player in the side but i believe Pritch’s experience at this level and leadership qualities are being sorely missed.<br><br>

The early season optimism seems in the distant past now, already 5 points adift of the leaders we’re heading for another long season and another failed promotion attempt. Another concern is the falling crowds, nearly 100 less yesterday than the opening match and the current form is hardly going to attract any more.

The early season optimism seems in the distant past now, already 5 points adrift of the leaders we’re heading for another long dissapointing season. Another failed promotion attempt is on the cards with the current form and also concerned about the gates dropping - almost 100 less yesterday than the opener and current form is unlikely to attract any more.

bejay,<br><br>i dont think you understand the concept, I support witton at the match have done for 40 odd years and usually positively, this is a forum for views !! and ive expressed my view on recent matches, and having passion for the team is why I have views, but I cant see just seeing everything as rosy when it isnt does any good, I have some faith in the mgr and in time the changes will occur because todate he has seen thro poor players and brought more in, my opinion stands we are not good in defence, ok in midfield, have 2 good strikers who dont seem to have gelled yet, and some players tro return imo to the start 11, thats not negative its my VIEW, IF YOU DISAGREE THEN DO IT CONSTRUCTIVELY DONT TELL ME NOT BE NEGATIVE.

As I see it. League aren’t won on drawing games espicially at home. Problems need to be addressed & not just sealed over like at another club very close to us.

peter mellor, its onwards and upwards till connett pulls the plug and its not if but when, then you ( vics ) will be up s–tcreek without a paddle, if you continue in business at all it will be down hill and at a pretty low level - you cant spend what you aint got and youve already sold your crown jewels, and family silver youve nothing left !! when connett pulls in his investment b- pension your finished.

Mr Mellor, I didn’t really want to rise to the bait but please, do you not understand…<br><br>WE DON’T GIVE A FLYING F**K ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS AT CONNETT FC<br><br>To all the Albion fans, sorry about that - I know we have been manfully ignoring this imbecile.<br><br>Normal service to be resumed.

Disappointing result indeed on paper before the game, and especially at the end, but at half time I’d have taken a draw!!<br><br>Let’s face it - we have 7 new players in the team from last season (Kennedy, Parkinson, Spearitt, Pinch, Lee, McGuire and Jones) - it’s going to take time for this team to gel - we’ve all seen what can happen when it goes right for this team (Farsley & Runcorn) but those performances may have been down to adrenaline for the start of the new season.<br><br>It’s stupid to expect instant success with so many new faces, and yet that’s what the expectant Witton faithful demand - instant and constant success. Once more I hear from the terraces remarks to suggest these players aren’t trying their best; as if they intend to miss the target - nothing changes eh.<br><br>it’s September for God’s sakes - there’s a whole season ahead so let’s get behind the team before slating them after 5 games.<br><br>

Debbie, Well Said… [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

[/quote]<br>The Mellor story, though intensely annoying, has a certain interest, much as the regularity of one’s own bowel movements can have an interest. When he first wrote on this board he superficially appeared to express some interest in the health of Witton Albion. And what has it come to since then? Now he’s lowered himself a little and is using words like "sht" and "prck" in reference to the team and its supporters. When he would previously have said "OUR" in reference to Witton he now uses "YOUR". Not as cultured as Michael Atherton, eh Mr M?<br><br>You and the lying, cowardly, bullying cnt Isherwood are two of a kind, though possibly you take marginally more holidays than he does to exotic foreign destinations. He can’t count, but come to think of it there’s no evidence yet that you can either.<br><br>You’ve had plenty of opportunities to express your disgusting views in person to Witton officials, and you’ve chickened out every single time.<br><br>You’ll go away, just like you did last time, coward. I can think of plenty of interesting ways of bringing about your own demise, rather than Witton’s. We can only hope that one of them comes true.<br><br>To use one of your favourite phrases, "shame on you" for degrading the name of a well-known Witton Albion footballer.<br><br>By the wonders of a free society you are at liberty to go and watch any team you so desire. So, grasp that concept with both hands and take the opportunity to visit the Victoria Stadium as much as you like. Enjoy Northwich’s mini revival and don’t bring your stinking views here any more.<br><br>I look forward to reading of your funeral in the Guardian. Perhaps that scm Isherwood might make it, and shed a tear or two for you.<br>

That’s enough.<br><br>Grow up the lot of you.<br><br>What a shame a thread about OUR team has to be locked because of petty pathetic bickering.<br><br>Just leave it.