Witton 2-2 Stafford

From what I saw of it an entertaining game with Albion giving as good as they got.<br>It was a hard fought game (Adam foy will confirm) which also saw Andy Barlow asked to leave the pitch too. (I didn’t see either incident though)<br><br>Albion went 1-0 behind and then equalised shortly afterwards after a 30 yard screamer from Moseley hit the angle and fell nicely for Foy to put it away from about 12 yards.<br>Albion then took the lead mid way through the 2nd half from an excellent Dave Nolan header. Stafford equalised in injury time.<br><br>No new players to report on other than those who played on Tuesday.<br><br>If anyone wants to fill in the details please do as I did miss a lot of the game. (some reporter eh!)<br><br>