Witton 2 Bradford 3

???<br><br>What was that all about? I thought I might find some explanation here!<br><br>1 hour half-time, 2 penalties against us, 2 men sent off, last minute winner etc. etc. Credit to our 9 men that had to play against 14 for the last half hour. Shame we couldn’t quite manage the point we deserved, but maybe we should take heart - we’re not going to have too many games where this much goes against us!<br><br>Never mind, it’ll all be a distant memory when we lift the FA Cup next May …

What happened?

Well, if you want to read the most incredible view of things I’ve ever seen, have a look at the BPA message board! Almost the total opposite of what I’ve been told!!<br><br>And the creature that wrote it has the audacity to call Pritch a coward. Clearly I do not know the writer, but if he or she grows up to be one tenth the person Pritch is then they will be a decent person.<br><br>Just glad I wasn’t there, I think I may have been sorely tempted . . .

I was watching vics but my spies at the swamp told me that someone punched Challender in the face in the tunnel at half time and BPA refused to come out for the second half until it was sorted out by the Ref

Sneaked a point in the last minute at Prescot but lost a point in the last minute yesterday. <br>Bad result!!<br><br>The happenings on the pitch and off the pitch at half-time were disgraceful!<br>Regret to say this isn’t the first time that Albion players/Officials have been involved in ugly scenes.<br>Awful feeling an FA inquiry will follow yesterdays distasteful scenes.<br>A sad weekend for all associated with Witton and Mike W. must hold his own internal inquiry to determine what the heel happened.<br>Not what we wanted before next weeks important cup game at Harrogate.

Is it just me or do some of our players have the ability to act like school kids?<br><br>What gave Mr Lally the right to smack another player in the tunnel, regardless of what taunting, bickering has gone on in the 1st half.<br><br>If you punch a another person that is ABH or possibly GBH. Mr Lally has not covered himself in any glory. <br><br>But having said all that…<br><br>Why do I pay ?6.50 each game to watch the officials?<br><br>On numerous occasions it is the officials that create the talking points and not the players. <br><br>9 men against 11 we did well the fend off the attacks but I guess the inevitable happened.<br><br>One last thing, its no good progressing in the FA cup and getting some good prize money if its going to go on paying FA fines???!!!


One last thing, its no good progressing in the FA cup and getting some good prize money if its going to go on paying FA fines???!!![/quote]<br><br>Very good point Macca. This is not only costing Witton Albion their good name within the game, but will cost them dear financially.<br><br>I don’t think Lally has heard the last of the half-time incident.<br>

No one has commented on what started the trouble, which was an off the ball punch that layed Lally out, no excuse for retaliation but seems funny that seems to have been overlooked. The officials have to be blamed for some very poor decisions off the field I agree with Pritch if Bradford refused to come out for the second half the ref should have been big enough to abandon the game due to that reason.

The Bradford thug used his elbow on Lally and a very inept referee failed to see it. You cannot condone what happened in the tunnel, but if the referee didn’t see it he cannot act.<br><br>Bradford PA are a disgrace to the Unibond League, refusing to start the second half because of the incident is bringing the game into disrepute irrespective of what happened.<br><br>Once again the guilty party in all this was the referee, he failed miserably in the first half to maintain order, bent over backwards to assist Bradford, new an incident had taken place and decided to assist Bradford during the second half.<br><br>Pritch’s sending off was justified, but so many offences went unpunished including the elbow on Lally by the number 11.<br><br>The standard of officials this season has been generally poor.<br><br>

Forgive me for being naive here but I was there yesterday we waited patiently for the second half to commence. People were coming past saying Lally had this Lally had done that. Officially nothing happened the mere fact that Lally started the second half confirmed that. If the officials saw the incident then surely Lally would have been sent off. Ok there maybe some kind of inquiery in the supposed incident you will have bpa players will say there piece but the witton players and officials will say other wise. The key issue for me is the officials saw nothing. So baring cctv being used in the tunnel(which i doubt) there is no case against Lally

So that’s alright then - so long as nobody sees it the WA players should thump anyone they think has been nasty to them on the pitch!!

If you look on nonleague zone .com as the last team to play these lovely people twice you may well see a patern begin to emerge.<br><br>player that got chinned was big time involved at ours there directors like him though and he was only on bench at ours but made a big impression with us.<br><br>Vailed threats seem to be comming from there manager about being unable to stop him playing against us on Wednsday.<br><br>he could not play against us over last two games as he got straight red at telford

Am I correct in saying that the referee saw the original incident which knocked out Lally, awarded a free kick yet did not give a red card?<br><br>If so, this does make him guilty of cheating, however it does not make him the instigator.<br><br>There seem to have been a lot of spectators in the players tunnel!!! Comments on this incident are speculation, not fact. Clearly there was some incident (I know if I had been smashed in the face and no action had been taken then I would dish out retribution myself, wrong though the authorities may consider this. How many people could honestly say that they would allow someone to smash them in the face, in any situation, and ignore it?), but how many witnesses?<br><br>If one team refuses to come out for the second half then the officials should ensure the other team lines up for the start, then abandon the game at the scheduled time and report this to the league, period. What appears to have happened here shows incredible weakness and pandering to the inclination of one side.

No. The referee let us have our shot on goal, which the keeper collected, then allowed Anton treatment.<br><br>The referee then gave the ball back to the keeper to resume play; there was no free kick given.

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If the referee had sent off the BPA no 11, as he should of done, then he would have prevented what supposedly happened at half time.<br>The lads did extremely well on the defensive front once we had gone down to nine men and we were very unlucky to concede.<br>Lets have a good game on Tuesday and get back to winning ways.

I don’t think you can actually blame the ref for what happened at half time.<br>Yes, he missed something nasty but that doesn’t make him directly responsible for what allegedly happened next.<br>I do think he made himself look very silly by not standing up to Bradford and telling them to get back out for the second half, maybe after a "cooling off" period but certainly not an hour…

Thanks for the informative posting, Goose.<br><br>The players won’t like me? ?So what? ?I’m here for life, players come and go and are replaced. ?It’ll be the fans and volunteers who have to live with the consequences of Saturday and piece the clubs reputation back together again, not those who walk away.<br><br>ETA - well, my posting makes no sense now that the previous one has been deleted, but ho hum.

yes your only right about the fact that you’ll be here after the players but do you honestly think the club will get better players then what we’ve got in this laegue and on this so called tight budget.<br><br>you also mention the consequences of saturday, well no one actually know the consequences yet, how do we know that bradford wont be hit with a fa fine to refusing not to play, as the incident with anton an greg was a none related matter then only the police can deal with that, which i can add havent been informed as greg hasnt give a statement to the police which i can again add he’s not goin to.<br><br>but hey thanks for removing my comments, probably because most of it was true. but isnt this a sight of opinion! well why arent you letting me have mine.

Re: removed comments.<br><br>You placed three identical postings on three different threads, so I removed two of them. Your comments are still on the site, there is no need for them to be in several threads.