Witton 2 Ossett 0

Back to winning ways in the league, cracking goal by Peers in the 18th Minute, a second by Mike Moseley.<br>In between an Ossett defender was sent off, even last weeks referee would have had to send him off, think the England rugby defence could do with him.<br>Overall the game gave a feeling of an end of season affair,<br>Mom Sean Whalley, [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br>Wom Dave Whittaker :frowning:

Back to winning ways, and a better win than most people are probably thiking - look at the league table before kick-off!<br><br>Whalley looks an exciting prospect, however I have to say I’m disappointed with Whittaker, he’s had a few games now and I can’t say I’m all that impressed with much he’s done. <br>IMO players have come in and done more and found themselves not selected the next week - if Whalley continues like that…<br><br>Not sure about the end of season bit - it was hardly a nail bitter was it but 3 points keeps us in the hunt.<br><br>Incidently where was everyone from Tuesday, the gate was an insult to the team and their efforts this week.

Ossett were a form team, with 6 wins and a draw from their previous 7 league games, so I reckon this was a pretty good win.

Couldnt make today,had to work cos i finished work early on Tuesday,it was worth it! Good result tho,play offs are definately still on,weve still got to play some of the teams around us.Who knows!!

Great win, Ossett thought they could turn up and take three points away without any problem ( bit like Staylbridge). We were far the better team in a awkward encounter. Their forms suggest they are a very good team, but today our boys put in an team performance, not spectacular but effective. I disagree with the stick Whit is getting. He is taking a lot of pressure of Mike and Mike is taking advantage, three goals in three games. Whalley looks quality.

played well today in the first half especially really starting to play as a team. i agree with the above comments regarding Dave Whittaker he needs to step it up… <br>also what are the thoughts on Neil Hall?? I personally think he adds alot to the team he puts his foot on the ball and alweays finds a man, he just needs to get more ivolved… a good battling performance as usual from Stevie Conners and a good performance by the goalkeeper…Its nice to see MM getting back on the scoresheet…the main issue is WHERE WAS THE SUPPORT?!! i expected alot more we need everyone to turn up week in week out and get behind the lads and the manager. Well chuffed tho with the 3 points… role on Wednesday!

can anyone list the team and subs who played? ???<br>cheers ;D

A well deserved and important win, especially considering Ossetts recent form, we made them look very average.<br>I agree about Dave Whit, although he scored a good one at Bradford he lacks pace to be effective when we’re not in possession and seems to pose little threat when we are.<br>The attendance was very disappointing but it doesn’t help when Ossett’s <br>2 men and a dog stay at home!

Witton team<br><br>Worsnop, Spearritt, Brownhill, Pritchard, Burke, Whalley, Connors, Hall, Moseley, Whittaker, Peers.<br><br>Subs: Mark Jones, Hockenhull, Bowler.

cheers wheels,

gutted couldnt make it as reall wanted to cheer on the Lads after Tuesday, little girls birthday party could have been at the game! then again maybe no 20, 3 yr olds ::slight_smile:

You have to keep an eye on these Yorkshire types…<br><br>http://www.ossetttownforum.proboards46.com/index.cgi?board=first&amp;action=display&amp;thread=1142379897&amp;page=2&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Have a look at their forum … <br><br>Here’s just a couple of quotes…<br><br>"Judging by the way we were made to feel unwelcome, even in the boardroom, and the behaviour and comments made by your spineless match sponsors. Comments aimed at a player who had just had his cheekbone fractured, no wonder no one wants to visit Witton."<br><br>and<br><br>"judging by the amount of fans you had at weekend yuor in the same boat, we easily brought as many to you as you brought to us this year, so what you s**t houses on about. think youre reyt big with one of biggest stadiums in the league, but really your acting bigger than you are. "<br><br>Any comments?<br>

I’d say the injury looked nasty but not intended from where I was stood.<br><br>As for the travelling fans - my car load was more than they bought on Saturday - nuf said. that makes no odds we should have more home fans than that at the matches anyway.

;DHave been on the link to Ossett ;DThey have had 10 games this season with less than 115 people there, and 3 with less than 50!<br><br>In one game they had 5 more people watching the game than were on the pitch!!!<br><br>Respect to all followers of any non-league football club, but some of these internet forums, provide a platform for the inane and lonely.<br><br>The one at Ossett is obviously being used as part of the local ‘Care in the Community programme’.