Witton 3-2 Sheffield

Well we’re though, I have serious concerns about how well we are currently defending but at the end of the day 3 wins in the last week cant be that bad!<br>Cracking goal from Whalley who is looking a class act in every game, connors adds a lot to the midfield as well.<br>Lets face Jim said we wanted to play good football and entertain - I don’t think anyone can argue with that this year at all.<br><br>One final point whoever the old fellas were having a go at the drummers, leave em alone, its hard enough as it is trying to create a bit of atmosphere without discouraging them. <br>I thought we were meant to encourge younger fans - and when they even go a bit further to try and get behind the team they should be given a bit of credit! More to the point the lad was hardly even out of tune! I personally hope to see the drum again - especially if we get another home FA Cup tie, maybe someone could bring a horn, we’d create an atmosphere and who knows it might lift the team a bit more!<br>Rant over.

Neil, we’ll put you in charge of the horn then…<br><br>Anyway, as i keep saying - let’s get Tom S back at centre half and see if we get tighter at the back.

Crikey Me - your a hard man to please!<br>We’re through, and it looks like I’m in charge of the horn, seriously can anyone play a trumpet Corby has started something now!

I personally hate musical instruments at football games.<br><br>I can handle a drum, but there is nothing more annoying than watching England with that bloody band near you.<br><br>Stick yer trumpet where the sun don’t shine!!!<br><br>On the subject of the game, it wasn’t convincing but in the FA Cup I ain’t really too bothered how we progress, as long as we do.<br><br>When criticising the midfield we also have to bear in mind that Mark Jones and Alex Brown are two key players who are both injured, so I guess it was needs must and Tom Spearitt had to play centre mid<br><br>We are in the hat and the likes of Telford aren’t. Roll on Monday.<br><br>

Is Adam Foy injured? Or was he just not selected yesterday?<br><br>Agree with Andy, no Horns. The drum can stay, but lets keep it in moderation.<br><br>The main thing is that we are through, and i am really pleased with that. Lets hope that we get a favorable draw and can progress a bit further.<br><br>In the meantime, i’m looking forward to starting the defense of the Cheshire Cup this week. I quite fancy another night out in Alty!

Whether you like the drum or not giving young supporters abuse is definitely not on. If you don’t like it stand somewhere else!! The lads were just doing their best to create an atmosphere at the game and didn’t deserve to be treated and abused like they were. Personally I hope they are not too discouraged and give the drum another go.<br><br>Regarding the game - we are in the hat and that’s all that matters.

Good write up in the non league paper aswell with picture of Whalley celebrating in front of the fans!

A wins a win and we do need a good cup run, so lets not get to down about the performance, and we have a lot of key injuries, so discounting these areas eg centre mid and strikers, my biggest concern is the form of barrass and worsnop, both look really short of confidence or form, is it time to give brett a run of games of if he is not ready then we need competition for JW , and so the fix in centre defence is easier eg pritch and tom spearrit, then the only issue is replacing tom in centre mid , until the injured lads come back, so a loan player might be the best option but doubt we can afford it, surely this is when we miss a proper reserve team - eg the youth team lads are not experienced to step up to the level required, last year the ressies helped the 1st team regularly ? was it a good idea to fold the reserves as they were ? [smiley=nono.gif]