Witton Albion 1-0 Lincoln Utd

We played average against a poorish Lincoln side. We slightly edged and i think only just deserved to win as we had a few more chances. A few penalty shouts turned down but a beauty from Lee Madin got us up and running.<br><br> Improved performance from Dicko out wide and looked more solid at the back.<br><br>MOM:<br><br>Adam Foy IMO<br><br> Hassled their players all over the pitch and won so much midfield ball he shouldn’t have.<br><br> [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]

100% improved (wasn’t hard though).<br><br>Thought we deserved the points on balance of play, especially in the 2nd half.<br><br>The goal was a belter and in those 15 mins I though Madin showed enough to earn his starting place come Monday.<br><br>Still unsure exactly what Kevan adds to the team apart from losing the ball and blaming others. That disaster in the 2nd half summed it up imo.<br><br>Yates had the ball more, especially late on. Dicken back in midfield made a huge difference, and played v well. Tickle looked more positive coming forward and Foy got more of the ball too. <br><br>A much improved performance and a crucial 3 points, now for hopefully an unusual showing at Matlock!

A much needed 3 points which i feel were fully deserved on the balance of play. We were solid at the back and better in midfield with DD back there. Stil disagree with the selection of Kevan though, he doesnt add anything. Mike worked well upfront and Madin did well when he was introduced<br><br>MOM - Cant really call one, Barlow and Furnival solid at the back, Foy solid in the middle and i also thought DD had a good game too. Would prob go with Madin just for the goal.