Witton Albion FC Reserves

Witton Albion FC has amalgamated both the Reserves and Youth team this forthcoming season in a new emphasis on getting the very best young players in the area to play for Witton. This team will operate in the Mid-Cheshire League’s First Division and will represent the Albion in the F A Youth Cup. <br>The new Manager who has been appointed is Neil Gill, a well-known local youth manager who has been given the responsibility of managing the Mid-Cheshire District FA’s under 18’s for this forthcoming season.<br>This is an excellent opportunity for the very best young players to play at Witton Albion and as the previous season stated if you’re good enough then age doesn’t matter.<br><br>J Vince.<br>

I would like to say thank you to Steve Hardy and all the lads for all their hard work and results for last season.<br>They performed very highly and to reach 2nd place in the 1st division of the MCFL was indeed a credit to them all.<br>I really hope that the ones that are released go on to a good level of football.<br>I for one enjoyed being involved with them and they provided a good standard of football<br>Well done and all the best in the future

Sorry to be a doubter but is the reason we have merged not that it is cheaper to hire one ground rather than two !!! I share Lens sentiments and thank all concerned for last season, yes we will lose players from both teams now, and the question is how many that remain will be considered good enough to step up ???

Jimmy:<br><br>Perhaps you should spend as many man hours as I have in trying to find a home for the Youth team before this decision was made.<br><br>The scenario, so you know, is that Runcorn are coming to Wincham Park. Therefore the Reserves have to find an alternative - Moss Farm’s enclosed pitch cannot take 2 games per weekend (every weekend) so they couldn’t accommodate. There aren’t that many other grounds in the district that meet the criteria of the Mid Cheshire League and having tried all the grounds that do meet the criteria (not a 5 minute job) no one could accommodate the Youth team (who obviously had to give way at Moss Farm for the Reserves).<br><br>So I don’t see your point to be honest.<br><br>GE

I did not mean to question your commitment or work ethics towards the club and apologise if that is how it came across. I just feel sorry for the palyers who will have to be released after giving a lot of effort and commitment last season.

The answer is simple we dumped the youth to take on Runcorn linnets ? blunt but true, I only hope the extra few quid is worth it ?? :o

Having been out of the loop for a couple of months, I must admit to being surprised by this decision, but having mulled over it for a few days I can see that the club had a difficult decision to make.<br><br>Can I just say a big thank you to all the players who represented Witton Albion on and off the pitch last year. You were a credit to the club and to yourselves. <br><br>I hope you all get fixed up with new clubs and use the opportunity if it arises to play in the NW counties or the Unibond First Division this season.<br><br>Good Luck and I hope to be heckling you one day soon on the non league circuit (thats if I’m allowed out!)<br>

Hughessi how u doing?<br><br>Say one thing you are being missed around the place already.<br>Hope it won’t be too long before we see you watching at some point during the season.<br><br>All the best anyway.