A friendly match has been arranged to give our lads much needed match practice before Saturday’s crucial game against Marine.
KICK OFF 07:30pm[/size]
Please note the Kick-off time!!! [size=6][color=#ff0000]07:30pm[/color][/size]

Adults £5
Concession £3

That’s early for a game of football, won’t people be getting ready for work?


Great opportunity to see some football and prove how much the fans want to us to push on.

Lets hope we do, and therefore turn up!!
If you can’t make it donate to the development fund lets start our push for a playoff place here.

Any news

Left early second half just as Runcorn equalised. Gards scored a penalty in first half.

Ok ish first half dreadful second half lost 3 - 1 do not see what we got out of that to be honest, cut the pitch up, got players injured , played badly, only saw 45 minutes of our new centre back who looked like he needed a bit more to be honest that’s not being critical I know he hasn’t played much but why only 45 mins, quite strong lineup only missing tuck but we were awful all over the pitch, I guess we were trying to get some rust out of the system but we never did just hope it works for Saturday if we play like that we will get battered but well played again Runcorn some useful players on show some good skill and pace and a lot of effort.

Very entertaining game considering it was a friendly. Runcorn were a good side who deserved the win. The injuries we picked up could be worrying… Coops and Ben were both limping. Thought Danny Andrews played very well tonight and considering he’s a winger he’s not afraid of a tackle… Thought we also missed olly James when he came off in 2nd half although he did come back on for last 5 or 10
New centre half didn’t settle in tonight but will need a bit of time.
Lastly we need to shoot on site a bit more, so frustrating to watch us trying to walk it in!