Witton Albion Juniors News.

Newsletter #1

Hi to all Junior Members (and parents).

Starting off on a positive note, it was fantastic to see you at the first league game of the season against Whitby. There was a total of 95 Junior Members at the match – that was unbelievable, and only 4 less than the record versus FC United last season.

Unfortunately we didn’t play as well as normal, and lost 2-0, but we all know Witton are much better than that, and we’ll bounce back very soon and return to winning ways. I hope you’ll stick with us, because you are so important to the club, and I know for sure that the Board of Directors, Team Management, and players all appreciate seeing you on a regular basis.

In the near future, we will be offering a separate snack bar for younger supporters. It will be in the Northwich Vics kiosk at the opposite end to the normal snack bar. We will be selling soft drinks, chocolate, crisps and a variety of sweets etc. Let us know if there is anything in particular you would like us to sell, or what is the latest food/drink craze. Please note, if you want hot food or drink, you will need to use the normal snack bar.

I will be running the kiosk, so if you have any Junior Membership matters, like collecting your cards, or applying for a membership, or anything else, that’s the place to find me. If you (provided you are 16 or above), or your parents need to contact me during the week, please send an email to juniors@wittonalbion.com This will come straight to my laptop, and I’ll be able to deal with your enquiry much quicker.

Always remember, that if you have any thoughts at all about the Junior membership, please let me know. We would like to know any ideas to improve your match day experience, and even complaints, as if we don’t know what we’re doing wrong, then nothing will change.

We have suspended ballboys/girls, and mascots for the time being due to the Covid19 problem, but we will let you know when this starts up again.

If you play for Witton Albion Juniors (or any other club), please let me know (or ask your manager/coach) of any interesting facts, which you’d like to pass on. This can include team victories, individual performances, funny incidents, strange goals scored and so on. We will include the best of them in the next programme and other social media.

That’s all for now, so please use your card at as many matches as possible, talk to your friends at school, and mates you hang out with, and encourage them to join the Witton “family”. The more we get at matches, the more we can improve everything for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.