Witton Albion Juniors News.

Junior Newsletter - July 2021

To all Junior Members and families
Well, get your seat belts fastened, we’re nearly ready to go. The new season is just round the corner, we’re alive and kicking, and can’t wait for the first game. We have a few friendly matches to start the ball rolling, more details later in this post.

There are a few items to discuss, so in no particular order -:


This is a new venture by Witton, and is aimed at younger players (aged 6-12 for the time being) who want to improve their skills with dedicated professional staff giving specialised coaching to those who are that bit more serious about their potential abilities. At present, every Saturday morning, between 9 and 10am, the course will specialise in goalkeepers between the ages 6-11. From ages 12-16, between 10 and 11am. There is a cost of £25 per person per session. This opportunity is open to all, no matter who you play for or even if you don’t belong to a club, and is not intended to replace any current coaching you may have – it is to advance your skills.

This will certainly expand in time for outfield players as we aim to continue to full weekend coverage, and with more varied age groups. Early comments are very positive, and many parents are praising the set up, and how their kids are enjoying themselves, and learning better skills in the process.

To get your sons/daughters involved, please email wittonalbionelite@gmail.com or phone 07808-632540 (John) to get more information. Please don’t respond to me, as I’m not directly involved, and can’t always check my emails regularly.

As an added bonus, any players attending this course will automatically be enrolled for free as a Witton Albion Junior Member (if not already joined) and free admission to Witton home league and friendly games, so please spread the word with your mates, and school pals etc.


In connection with the Elite Training Scheme, we are running a 7 a side tournament (mini-soccer format) for teams of 8 year-olds, or under 9’s for this coming season. Apparently there are already many teams applied. The cost is £50 per team plus £1 each entry fee.

This will take place at Wincham Park on Sunday 25th July, starting at 10am until completion. There will be soft drinks and a variety of chocolate, crisps and snack bars available on the day.

This will be a good opportunity for younger players to move up through the system towards a full 11 a side competition.

If you want to know more please use the email and phone numbers shown in the above ELITE TRAINING section.


Below is a list of friendly games arranged for Witton

Tuesday 6th July – Macclesfield (Home)
Wednesday 14th July – Crewe Alex (Home)
Tuesday 20th July – Bootle (Away)
Saturday 24th July – Northwich Vics (Home) Vijay Anthwal Trophy
Saturday 31st July – Runcorn Linnets (Away)
Tuesday 3rd August – Marine (Home)

At the moment, Saturday games are 3pm kick offs, and mid-week 7.45pm (except Bootle which is 7.30pm) but please keep your ears open in case there are any changes.

Don’t forget your Membership Card allows you to attend all the home games for free, but of course not the away games. More about Membership Tickets further down this post.


Three players have transferred from Witton – namely Chris Renshaw, Scott Bakkor, and Steve Tames. Purely a personal opinion, but we were always going to lose Chris Renshaw, as he was easily the best Goalkeeper in our league, and to be honest was too good for Witton (sad to say but true) – he was always going to a bigger club. He’s gone to Curzon Ashton in a step up from Witton, but IMO is capable of higher than that. We’ll see. Scott however was in great form on his second stint at Witton, and provided goals and assists on a regular basis. He will be missed. He’s gone to Stalybridge Celtic (again one league higher than Witton) and the attraction of being made Captain at Celtic was probably too much to turn down. Steve has been a big favourite at WItton for a long while, but has decided to transfer to Prescot Cables. Injuries haven’t helped him. Good luck to all of them.

Without counting numbers, I think nearly all of last season’s squad have re-signed at Witton, so we should be up and running nicely.

Our manager Carl, and Gary no doubt will have replacements in mind plus other additions to the squad, but we must pin our trust in them again to provide Witton with a team capable of winning or being close to League Champions.


I placed the order several days ago to have all Junior Membership Cards, Season tickets, and Gold/Silver cards printed. The printer has said he will be delivering them in a few days time. That is dangerously close to the first game against Macclesfield. But don’t worry, if they have not been distributed in time, I won’t be too hard on you. Until you receive your new card, both Dan on the turnstile and myself know most of you by sight, so you’ll be let in for free. Once you have received your new card, please throw away the old one, as it will not be accepted at the turnstile after the new cards have arrived.
Distribution of Cards.
If you are a member of Witton Albion Juniors, your team manager will be letting me know shortly the names and details of all the team automatically. You don’t need to do anything. When they are processed, they will be passed back to your team manager who will give them out to you at training or a match.
If you are NOT a Witton Junior player, and you were a member last season, and want to renew for this season, all you need to do is ask your parent/guardian to contact me on either juniors@wittonalbion.com or aljackson147@gmail.com and I can easily renew. If you are aged between 16-18, you can do this yourself (with parent approval).
If you are joining for the first time, and not a Witton Junior player, please contact me on either of the above emails, and I can send a form for your parents to complete and return by email.
For non Witton Junior players, please ask for me on match days and collect the cards from the kiosk normally used for Northwich Vics, where I sell chocolate, cold drinks, crisps etc. The cards probably will not be ready in time for the Macclesfield game, but should have them soon afterwards.
To all Junior Member Card holders. As a reminder, your card entitles you to free admission to all home friendly and league games. Because of FA rules, we are not allowed to accept them for any Cup matches, so please remember that when we have a home cup tie.

Another benefit of having a Junior Card, is that you can buy Witton tops, scarves, and other items from the Witton shop at up to 20% reduction in price provided you can show your card on purchase.

The last two seasons have been a disaster for organising extra events, but hopefully later in the season (Covid allowing) we’ll be able to make some of our ideas happen. An example could be a Family Fun weekend at the end of the season which will include five a side knock outs, beat the goalie on penalties, hitting the crossbar from the half way line for the older kids, or hitting the post from the edge of the area for younger ones, stalls, and food and drink available all day. Being a Junior member will allow you to enter the stadium for free.


We hope the Government will allow us total “freedom” from the 19th July so that we can get back 100% to normal. If they do, we will re-introduce these opportunities for you as soon as possible afterwards.
BALLBOYS/GIRLS - ask your manager to contact me, and your team can be ballboys or girls at any home game free of charge. This was very popular before Covid stopped it. This is for ANY team. Obviously, we can only take one team each game.
Included in your day will be meeting the players and managers before the game, leading out the players from both teams on to the pitch, being announced over the tannoy to the crowd, a mention in the match programme, photos at every stage by our club Photographer (Karl Brookes). Then just to finish off, a free meal in the Social Club after the game. You will be given the same meal as the players, for example a curry, sausage and chips etc.
MASCOTS – You can be a mascot for the game by asking your parent/guardian to contact me. You will get exactly the same benefits of the Ballboys/girls, and what’s more, it’s totally free. Bring all your family along to celebrate your day at Witton Albion. It is possible on the odd occasion, you may have to share with another mascot, but you’ll still get your “moment of glory”.

Unfortunately, we can’t yet take bookings until we know for sure the Government are allowing this type of activity.


On Friday 20th August, at Witton Social Club, we are proud to announce “The Jerseys” will be performing live. They are officially recognised as the best Jerseys in UK. They always do a UK tour, have performed in Las Vegas for a week, and European venues plus on board ships. In May just gone, had it not been for Covid, they were booked to perform for the Queen at Windsor Castle. Doors open at 7pm, and there will be a free “hotpot” supper, a late bar (until midnight), and a DJ. This cannot be missed if you like that type of music, as they are the best!! Tickets cost £25, but for a fully professional band who have a Summer Season at Blackpool North Pier, followed by a nationwide tour, that is a very reasonable price.

If interested please contact ticketsource.co.uk/witton-albion-fc, and I can assure you, having seen them live, you will want to see them again.


I’m sure you will all understand (even the youngest amongst you), that the last two seasons abandoned because of Covid has cost Witton Albion a lot of money (like all other smaller clubs). Everybody at Witton has worked extra hard during this time to keep the club going, as our normal main income is by supporters coming through the turnstiles. That’s hardly happened for two years, but we still need to pay out a lot of money even if we’re not playing football. We’ve been lucky compared to many clubs throughout England who have gone bust, and may never be seen again. That is through the hard work of everyone at Witton from the Chairman down to generous supporters who have helped financially, and the efforts of our volunteers without whom we would not exist. Thank you to everyone.

I’m hoping now that people will flock back to Witton, and help support us in many ways. Get your parents to buy a drink or two at the bar, buy a programme, eat one of our delicious pies with chips etc, and use our Junior Snack bar for chocolate, soft drinks and crisps etc. Buy Witton goods at the shop, and shout on our team to bigger and better achievements. WE NEED YOU!!!

Before we closed due to Covid, there were between 60 and 100 Junior Members at most Saturday games last season. Many of you were behind the goal singing all the Witton songs, and believe me, it makes such a difference to the players to hear you enjoying yourselves, and shouting them on. Please keep that going.

Personally, I can’t wait for the league to start, and I hope you all feel the same. Let’s make it work together.

Hope to see you very soon

Alan UTA.

Alan Jackson

Witton Albion Football Club.