Witton Albion Supporters FC v Leftwich FC

Kick Off 3.30pm.

Don’t know how many of us will be back from Whitby in time…

wel me(shaun) and scott will be home alone while the old man is at whitby, so me and scott can play

Party on at Carters Ranch then!![br][size=1]Posted on: April 19, 2007, 03:21:10 PM[/size][hr]Witton Team;

GK - Crouch; DF - Robinson, Fallows; MF - Blundell, Carter (Scott); FW - Carter (Shaun).
Subs - Stokes.

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Man Of The Match -

With the bulk of his playing squad still not back from Whitby, and with Greg Marshall still struck down with a badly bruised elbow, Robinson could well of been aprehensive going into yesterday’s crucial fixture. However, with the 3 hour journey back from Whitby giving ample time to get a couple of ‘ringers’ in, and with Mike Blundell passing a late fitness test, things seemed to be looking up.

However, come 3.40pm and still no sign of their opponents, the referee declared Witton as 5 - 0 winners by default. Everyone then went home to recover from Saturday.