Witton Albion Supporters FC v Northwich United

Sunday 14th October @ 2pm

An emotional return to Red and White for the WItton boys on Sunday… (please bring blue shirts along - just incase).

Rumours are abound that there is more than just one team with the name ‘Northwich’ that are due to fold this month… :-

As far as i know we arent folding, but then again no one hardly tells me anything in the team :smiley: Just as a word of warning there may be this lanky lad playin for us that has a big mouth and is a t****r and he is known to foul people on the other teams, so if hes there don’t be gentle on him because no one likes him! :smiley:
Should be an easy win for you considering our current form, good luck.

I’ll be sure to try and wind him up then :smiley:

Is that the big dumb Vics fan?! No, not Greenie - i meant the lad who plays for Northwich :wink:

Sunday should be great! Last time we played against him he hit the deck within 2 mins, there is a record to be broken there!!! :wink:

We need to get 16 bottles of wine for the Race Night, so might be an idea for everyone to ‘bring a bottle’ on Sunday?

Yeah he is the big dumb vics fan, im sure you will notice hi if he plays because he doesn’t shut up shouting.

Oh it’s the same idiot?! I pocketed that whopper inside 4 minutes last time, and reeled him in the other week with a fantastic Redfearn related comment!!! Next!!!


Witton Albion Supporters FC v Northwich United

Witton Team
GK - Blundell; DF - Robinson, Stuart; MF - Prew, Green; FW - Marshall(c)
Subs - Carter, Chadwick

MOTM - Prew (1 goal, 3 assists - allegedly)
Next Best - Green (2 goals and a torn sock)

Witton Rating ****
Match Rating ***

I think we’ll hark back to Greenie’s previous idea of running through players’ ratings in place of a full match report…

Didn’t put a foot wrong all game, but without a shot to save he hardly got chance to. Distribution was once again excellent.

Not his usual self, but it can’t be easy maintaining such high standards week after week… Snuffed out several Northwich attacks, and almost scored a thunderous 40 yard volley. OK, almost is being a bit generous… ::slight_smile:

Another solid game at the back, and once again got on the scoresheet.

PREW - 9*
Excellent display of dribbling from Graham, and capped by a decent goal. Unlike most flair players, Graham is always willing to track back. Like most flair players, he doesn’t know when to pass the flaming ball… OK, apart from the 3 assists that is ;D

Two goals, but really should of been 3 had he not blasted straight at the keeper. Helped out in defense towards the end when Robinson got stranded upfield. Seemed to enjoy baiting the big Vics fan…

Strangely subdued performance from the mis-firing Marshall. Had to drop into defense on a couple of occasions, so perhaps found it difficult to maintain his rythm. Or was he still just gutted about Saints getting stuffed on Saturday evening… :smiley:

Another goal from the Moseley-like forward. Prolific. Was unlucky with an outrageous overhead kick, but was also fortunate not to put his hip out with the landing…

A decent game from record appearance holder Scott Carter. 28 games now played, but he’ll know that at least 22 of those were more impressive than today…

Best Moment
Taking 2nd place in the league as KFC fell to another defeat.

Worst Moment
Big Stu turning up as the final whistle blew, thinking kick-off was at 3pm… This ALMOST made Best Moment :smiley:

Green 2

Att 5

Northwich are dropping out of the league now, reason being that players have left because of disagreements within the team so the team is now dropping out.

Are you talking about the supporters team or the first team - hard to tell from your post?

;D ;D ;D

Nope its Northwich Utd that are dropping out (they’re not the supporter’s team just to clarify) :slight_smile:

So confusing and difficult to keep up with all the Northwich named teams going to the wall!!!