Witton Albion Supporters v Real Rudheath

First game of our first official season kicks off at 2pm on Sunday 18th March down at John Deane’s.

Usual drill, I need players either by text or on here. Meet up at the rowing club from 1.15pm onwards.

Here’s hoping we kick the season off in style!!

PS - Real Rudheath won the league last season!!![br][size=1]Posted on: March 14, 2007, 09:41:01 PM[/size][hr]Witton Team;

GK - Johnson; DF - Wilson(c), Green; MF - Scott Carter, Blundell; FW - Shaun Carter.
Subs - Marshall; Gregory; Chadwick; Knight, A; Jones

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Man Of The Match -

For 26 whole minutes Witton Albion Supporters FC sat proudly on top of the 6-a-side league. With Witton due to kick off the new season with today’s first match, anticipation was high. You could cut the tension with a knife. With a massive squad of 11 players to choose from, Robinson chose not to name himself amongst the subs, keeping true to his belief in squad rotation by handing debuts to Dave Johnson and Adam Knight.

The Witton boys headed to the pitch like gladiators striding into an arena. Like soldiers entering a battlefield. For WItton this was to be their Desert Storm, their D-Day, their moment of glory. Unfortunately Real Rudheath failed to show. Therefore Witton took a 5 - 0 win by default, and moved to the top of the table.

However, we will not of stayed their long as one of the teams failed to show for the next match, meaning another team will also get a 5 - 0 nil and we will sit in second place in alphabetical order. Note to self; must change the team name to AFC Witton Albion Supporters… :-

Don’t forget to tell the press, even Mr. Buckley said he would print it if you did.

Bit of a shame that Robbo, I think there are grounds for appeal that a 5-0 default victory is not reflective of a team with Witton in their name. You can clearly demonstrate our pedigree in scoring 6, 7, 8 goals, therefore 5 is a bit of an insult!