Witton Albion Supporters vs Northwich FC

Sunday 25th March @ 3pm.

As usual need names on here or via text.

We don’t have use of the Rowing Club as Greenie is away, so we need to meet down at John Deane’s for about 2.30pm please boys.[br][size=1]Posted on: March 21, 2007, 07:10:39 AM[/size][hr]Updated league table;


Looks like 1 team failed to show up for each match!

Would just like to add that the Supporters Team isn’t a closed shop, anyone who wants to get involved is more than welcome. Infact we could possibly do with 1 or 2 extra bodies this week if anybody fancies a game.

hey robbo seein as im back in the beautiful country from tomorrow for a month, i wouldnt mind havin a go at this and i could maybe get a mate of mine who is comin with me to the game on saturday to come along aswell if needed?

You are very welcome to play scad. It’s on 13 minutes each way so you’ll probably get a half coz we like to rotate! You’re mate is welcome come down, but the general rule is that to qualify you have to attend 3 consecutive witton games during your life, or make up a witton chant!!
But he could always be one of the growing number of spectators making their way down!?

Don’t forget to send a match report to the local press, they have promised to print it and any advertising of the Club name is good advertising.

Witton Team;

GK - Johnson; DF - Gregory, Robinson; MF - Haspell(c), Chadwick; FW - Marshall.
Subs - Yoxall & Blundell.

Team Rating **
Match Rating ***

Man Of The Match - Drew Haspell

We lost 5 nil. That’s all i’m saying, sorry.

Maybe start sending the match reports to the press next week! What went wrong?

They were a good team, won 5 nil last week aswell. But every defeat can be used as a lesson to prepare us better for the next match. It will come in time.

We were without 3 players today aswell.

‘good team’ and ‘northwich’ not words you generally see in the same post! I take it none of them actually support the s**** on the basis that they were playing 6-a-side rather than witnessing their 0-4 home defeat!

I feel sure that under your fine tactical stewardship the team will bounce back in style.

Just thought i should make everyone aware of the terrible events of this afternoon. The smooth-legged adonis that is Gregory John Anthony Marshall fell awkwardly in a 50/50 challenge and has fractured his elbow. Greg is likely to be out for about 3 weeks.

Greg has respectfully declined any cards/flowers/donations, and has instead asked that his fans donate a suitable amount to the Royal Society For The Protection Of Endangered Hamsters.

On behalf of Greg and his family, thank you for all of your support during this difficult time.


Oh dear.

I hope this doesn’t mean that Greg cannot indulge in any "self pleasuring" for 3 whole weeks, that would be a shame.

We can’t win every game chaps, so lets just learn from it.

It actually affected my skiing today, i couldn’t stop thinking about you all running yourselves into the ground while i was skiing, drinking beer and getting a tan!!! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to play next week, jet lag or not!!!

Robbo whats going on ! I have been waiting for the next instalment in your series of in-depth literary masterpieces and all I get is we got beat 5-0 ! and to top it all off the mighty Gregg is out for 3 weeks , perhaps you should have taken a leaf out of last weeks opponents book and not bothered to turn up , at least then your top man would still be fit , at this point perhaps its time to take a look at the management structure ?

Greenie ‘we can’t win every game !’ you can’t win any game against an opposing team ( YET )

Times like this when you realise the cruel nature of the game! Like Alan Smith at Anfield last season, Peter Cech against Reading this year, Michael Owen at the World Cup, it is always upsetting when such a promising career is put on hold.

When I saw this come up on the ‘Breaking News’ ticker-bar on Sky Sports News I new something was seriously wrong…


I presume that Marsh’y is being flown out to Switzerland as we speak by private jet to see Europe’s leading Elbow specialist? Given the England peformance on Saturday surely McLaren was considering him as cover for the difficult left-side position for the Andorra game.

Best wishes to Marsh’y for a speedy recovery.

My thoughts are with you Greg, without seeing the incident myself one wonders how that boy Mike Yoxall was able to pick himself up and play on just a mere 2 weeks ago.
I’m sure the club would open its physio room to you on Thursday evening!

It’s inevitable that people will question the management after a crushing defeat such as this. But that’s fine by me, anything that deflects attention away from my players can only be a good thing. I’m strong enough to deal with the pressure.

Overall, i think we were closer to where we need to be yesterday than we have been for some weeks. Second half at times we played some really good stuff - unfortunately by that time we were already chasing the game after going in 3 down at the break.

What people need to remember is that in the likes of Chadwick and Gregory we had some young and inexperienced lads out there, who will only improve as they get more first team football under their belts. Also with the added publicity that MLS is getting since Beckham signed up, we have found the squad decimated by the Carter boys and Greenie jetting out there for trials last week. When they return we will be much stronger.

We need to put yeterday’s result into perspective. Yes it was a blow, but in the grand scheme of things it’s only one result - we’ll bounce back next week i’m sure. At the end of the day i’m sick as a parrot, but it’s a game of 2 halves. At least most of us have 2 working elbows, if only everyone could be as fortunate…

Board Meeting 12 O clock today with a press conference to be given at 1p.m.

It is expected that they will give Manager Robinson a ‘vote of confidence’.


"One hour ago i offered my resignation to the Board, which they declined to accept. This proves to me that i have the full backing of my employers. I am only too aware that there are certain followers of our team who are out to cause trouble, and i will address this in due course. I have also been disappointed to read comments atrributed to esteemed members of our playing squad - this will however be dealt with ‘in house’.

For the good of the Team i feel that now is the time to pull together. There are another 2 points up for grabs this coming Sunday, so that should now be where we concenrate our combined efforts. I ask you all to remember that Rome was not built in a day (unlike the Victoria Stadium, which was knocked up in half an hour). If we pull togther and aim for the moon, then we may just land amongst the stars.

On a side note, the club’s medical staff have today confirmed that Greg Marshall has fractured his Radiul-Something-Or-Other. This is another big blow in what has been a turbulent few days. We will, however, overcome all barriers put in our way. KEEP THE FAITH."


Witton Albion Supporters Captain and Assistant Manager Tom Green has today moved to dismiss rumours linking him with a move to MLS side Real Salt Lake by signing a new contract at the Sir John Deanes outfit.

Green admitted that there had been a "significant" offer from the Utah club, but he felt that his ambitions were more likely to be achieved playing at Sir John Deanes.

However, reports eminating from Real suggest that a further offer may be forthcoming for journeyman Green, 24, whose former clubs include Witton Albion Juniors, Rudheath, Davenham Dynamoes, Winsford United, and Hull University, and this may be big enough to further test Green’s resolve.

When questioned about the future of Mark Robinson and allegations that Green is the man picking the team at WASFC, he replied: "That’s utter nonsense. We hadn’t won before i left and nothing has changed. I do not pick the team". And regarding "Robbo"s future: "Mark is a strong guy, but sometimes it is difficult when a manager with no discernable football background takes charge of a club as big as this one. But he will turn it around, i have every confidence in him"

When asked if he would consider taking the job should Robinson be fired, he replied simply "not as long as i’ve got a hole in my ar5e"

Andy, does that mean Robbo’s getting the boot? If so Steve Mclaren is looking for a job I believe, or he will be soon!!