Witton Albion v Frickley

Well the build up has started and here is todays team news;

Kennedy, Hockenhall, Pritch, Spearitt, Brownhill, Clegg, Lloyd, Brown, Peers, Warlow, Jones and on the bench today are Moseley, Kearney, Farquahson

Decent team on show! Picko are you able to listen to radio shropshire to keep a close eye on things for telford v burscough? Come on Witton!

Am at work so no sound on computer, trying to find latest on their website[br][size=1]Posted on: April 28, 2007, 03:15:15 PM[/size][hr]Burscough winning 1-0[br][size=1]Posted on: April 28, 2007, 03:23:21 PM[/size][hr]And… 1-0 the the Albion Llyod the scorer… ;D



Get in! Rob Lloyd! Burscough 1 up! if we win 3 and it stays the same at telford we r laffin! Come on Witton!

Half time still 1-0 to the Albs



This will do! Get a couple more goals in second half and we are happy! Lets hope for 1 goal from Telford second half too and make it 1-1! Come on Witton!

The Witton! The Witton!

Where were you in 92!!

Burscough 2-0 up. Telford fans on the pitch attacking the goalscorer!!

Albion 2-0 up?

Witton 2-0 Lloyd again

Get in there! Rob Lloyd wat a legend! Cant believe telford fans on the pitch! We need telford to score a couple really and our boys to go on the rant this 2nd half! Come on Witton!

Telford 1-2 Burscough 19mins second half

Come on! One more from telford shall do us just nicely at the moment! and on the other hand 1 more for witton will do us perfectly! Come pn boys lets get another! Come on Witton!

Attendance at Telford 5710 - minus the idiots who came on the pitch to set about the Burscough players. Burscough approx 200 fans.

You got me going then eddie i thought the message was gonna be telford 2 - 2 burscough haha! o well we still live in hope of telford or witton goal! Plenty of time yet! Come on Witton!

Both games have finished telford lost 1-2 we won 2-0 so we miss out by 1 goal, but well done to everyone 2nd place is a fantastic achievment who wouldn’t have taken that at the start of the season, really important now that everyone gets behind the lads on Tuesday and who knows maybe a full house against Telford in the playoff final, with 11 men on the field could be a very different story!!!



Gutted! Playoffs it is though! Apparently we hit the cross bar and post and missed an open goal! Gutted! Neva mind heres to success in the play offs! Well done boys! Jobs not over yet though! Miss out on the title by one goal! That is gutting but never mind! Come on Witton!

Think I have more reason to be gutted than most, I had £100 on us at the start of the season with odds of 20/1 !! but I’m not bothered about that now will cry in my beer after we win the playoff final, come on the Albs!!!

So Witton miss out by one goal and Alty are relegated from the Conference ;D

Gutted,but like you say we would’ve taken this at the start of the season.But just knowing if we’d have won 3-0 we’d be champions now,hitting the post twice,bar once and missing two open nets its unbelievable,but weve had a great season,you gotta be proud of the team!

Anyone wanna buy a ticket to The Sunshine Underground gig in Manchester on Tuesday night cos Im gonna be at Witton now!!

Witton have had a good season and to finish 2nd is great. Should Witton go up through the playoffs, then a mid table finish would be good. My money, however, is on Telford.