Witton Albion V Guiesely ULCC Sat 7th Feb

After our recent wins and a good display at Eastwood looking to progress into the semi-finals. Guiseley are in freefall at the minute , their only wins in the last 12 games have been in this competition.

Let’s have a good attendance and get behind the lads.

If the game on Saturday is posponed, then it will be re-arranged for Tuesday 10th Feb.

This will require Runcorn Linnets game against Congleton (currently arranged for Tues 10th)to be re-arranged. Runcorn are currently making contingency plans for their game to be put back 24hrs if need be to Wed 11th).

Lets hope none of these arrangements are needed. We have full faith in our ground staff!

TT your spelling is as bad as mine " posponed " " Guiesely " :blush:

Comb one Wytton!!

Robbo - did u manage to cover all those stains on the bedroom walls last Saturday whilst we were all at Eastwood ?:blush:

eligorton wrote:

It’s not my spellling, it’s a duf kee bored.

How is the pitch?
Will Sat am help be needed?
I’d like to volunteer Thomas who is coming home:)

He’ll need to get out of the house, the sound of the washing machine on in the background will disturb his nap after breakfast!!!



Funny thing is…he’s forgotten to bring his dirty washing home:laugh:

How is the pitch?

Looks ok provided there are no surprises weatherwise.

The Dodger wrote:

Experiencing a loss of hair and a growing gerth but what a class player he still is - oops sorry you mean the pitch :slight_smile:

Have to work tomorrow can somebody please update on here.

Work have made me do 2 in 4 Saturdays from now on.

Tomorrow I’m handing in my notice missing half of the seasons games would be unacceptable:laugh:

Danny, in this economic climate packing in your job so you can watch Witton is not a very sensible move no matter how much you love the club. Find another job, then pack it in, Witton will still be there waiting for you.

Thanks WHS, your advice is appreciated but the place is stressing me out this was the final nail in the coffin really. Got a couple of options and will have a month to sort something before I leave. :laugh:

I agree Danny, although Witton has taken over my life (even dropping out of the bowls brunner cup allowing WHS to win it because we had a home game) you will in the long run be far better off personally and as a supporter if you have a job to go to, I miss a lot of away games though work but put in as much time as I can during the week to benifit the club. Get a good job and you can put a few extra £££££££ into the club maybe even join the board!!!

Well thats the plan one day:laugh: The job I’m in at the moment is meaningless and I’ve had a few like it before. When i get into the career i want to get into hopefully it will make enough money that I can put something into the club. With my mouth don’t think I would be suitable for the board just yet though. I’m still only 24 though plenty of time for all that.:wink:

Anyway, I don’t want to take up this thread anymore with my life story zzzzzz :laugh:

Enjoy the match tomorrow all (and somebody please update here)

Up the Albs!

Any news if the game is on?

vi8 wrote:

At this moment in time, the pitch is frozen. However it is getting better by the minute.

Peter Riley is on the phone to a local referee to perform a pitch inspection. This has to be done before Guiseley’s coach leaves, or we will be responsible for their travelling expenses.

I expect news before 11:00am