Witton Albion v Salford City Sat 13th Nov

Much improved Salford should provide better opposition than of late - the Steve Foster v Kearney/Pritch battle should be interesting.

Dodger will be giving Foster a good reception as well ! :wink:

Foster will be a threat can just see him scoring ? or getting one of our lads sent off he is always involved in some way - would be nice to see him miss a penalty, we should have too much for them if we have a fit squad but you never know look at saturday should have been 5-0 ended 3-3 :ohmy:

Just to make people aware we will be operating the same system for the social club as we did for the Chester game this saturday to allow FC Utd fans to utilise our social club if they wish.

Therefore you WILL NOT be able to gain access to the club from the ground until AFTER kick off.

As we appreciate this is short notice please spread the word as you see fit.


You know, are backroom people are brilliant at getting money from very unusual sources, Vics will be livid we are making money out of their game!!

I missed the game last Saturday, down with “Man Flu”, it meant I got the chance to watch the International Rugby matches on TV and you all know I love Rugby. There is Rugby on TV this weekend, England V Australia is the big one, but I shall be at Wincham Park despite the fact that I like Rugby far more than I like Football, I will be there because first and foremost I am a Wittoner. (Thank God for Video!!)

i would have thought us loyal wittoners would be given preference over fc united fans. obviously money talks louder.

A true Wittoner should always put the club first ! :wink:

ALbion - you are still more than welcome in the social club - in truth I cant see that many FC fans coming over myself but if there is a possibility it is open to them. We have a good relationship with them and its good to continue that.

As I said in the programme notes I have no idea how our club manages, certainly not on the small gates we get, but our backroom staff are brilliant at raising money from all sorts of sources, long may i continue, if I can’t get into the club for FC United supporters I will be delighted!!

I agree WHS and Neil is simply top clas and even at his tender age I think he is now classed as one of the Witton greats alongside the Stelfoxes and Powells etc!! I think we might get a few FC fans because I spoke to a lot of them when we last played them and mentioned the fact that Keith Higgins had played against Duncan Edwards, Bobby Charlton and several other busby babes. The result was Keith being surrounded by thirty odd of their fans asking him questions about them. The FC fans have a lot of time for us and I think some of them may well use our club!! Hope so anyway as any money making source is good!!

If you see them again mention that Dennis Violet actually played for us for one sesason in the 60’s I think.

the point is missed. i have been a witton fan for almost 50 years, and i am now unable to walk too far, and am seriously considering not going on saturday because of the possibility of not being able to park. so is this looking after true loyal wittoners or trying to get a quick buck. wake up , i would have thought that supporters, like me who rarely miss a witton game came first, rather than a few score who might cough up a few quid on one occasion.

Albion - if you pm me your details I will arrange for you to have one of the reserved spaces on the tarmac if you wish?
Whether or not you agree with what we are trying to do I wouldnt want something like that to put you off coming.

Neil, you ARE a true legend! Carry on the good work.
PS Is their a supporters bus going to Harrogate, don’t fancy driving that far.

I paid an extra £10 when I bought my Season Ticket to use a parking space on the front (position CP3). However, I am unable to drive my car for the rest of the season, and am currently cycling to home matches. You can happily use my car parking space for the rest of the season.

Thanks Jeff - Albion please confirm etc and I can make the necessary arrangements.

GOD! Aren’t Wittoners BLOODY WONDERFUL!!!

I didnt think the bar take went to Witton?

If not Robbo who does get it? I thought only the snack bar had gone out to tender?

Last week I thought we were excellent and deserved three points. A draw was possibly the right result today but we only made one opportunity to score and didn’t. They had one & did.

There seemed to be a lack of urgency - or maybe Salford’s game plan worked that well we couldn’t suss a way to beat it.

I can’t understand the Manager’s insistence on making substitutions for, what seems, the sake of it. I can see why he replaced Heler who clearly doesn’t want to play at full back and has had his nose pushed out of his right-midfield role. Heler was having a poor game.

But why does he continue to replace Botham. Callum gives us width and was playing well but, as against Radcliffe, he takes him off.

I’m afraid Little has past his sell by date. Contributes very little when he comes on - I think his money could be invested in a better option.

It’s a good job we rested our players on Tuesday or it could have been nil-two!