Witton Albion v Skelmersdale United

Team News: Ben Harrison moves back into defence to replace the suspended Ian Kearney, with Andy Kinsey taking the Captain’s armband. Calum Botham drops to the bench, with Dean Ennion brought into the midfield. New signing Paul Ennis takes the place of Kearney in the XI.

Starting XI: M. Cooper; A. Gardner, B. Pritchard, B. Harrison, M. Wood; Ennis, D. Ennion, R. Foulkes, D. MacPherson, J. Hancock; A. Kinsey.

Substitutes: C. Botham, J. Harrison, N. Southern, M. Woolley, J. Mainwaring.


Witton Albion 0-1 Skelmersdale United

Goal just before half time


Andy Kinsey off

Nathan Southern on


Paul Ennis off

Calum Botham on


Witton Albion 0-1 Skelmersdale United

I thought we had a good game.They had one chance and capitalized on it,we probably had three.Could have won but that is footie for you .

I agree it was another decent performance all that was lacking was in the oppositions penalty box, if only we’d been able to keep hold of Titch I’m convinced we would have picked up another 9-12 points over the last 3 or 4 weeks.
Nice crowd too outnumbering the others over the canal by 80 or so people.

We played some good football.Lots of positives in particular the performance of the goalie,Ennion and Hancock.Ennion was all over the pitch and Josh played with confidence.Infact Dean was my man of the match.

Easier said than done but during the summer i would be offering a couple of contracts out.Some of our younger players earned their stripes against a very strong Skem outfit.

Nice to see Appleton Boys as one of our match sponsors.My youngest lad played for Matthiola against them a couple of weeks ago.Nice group of lads run by good people.

Thought we had some good chances especially first half and with Josh hitting the post could have been at least 1 in front before they scored. Lots of effort all over the pitch and agree Dean Ennion for me was our MOM. A number of players have come on leaps and bounds, so lets hoe they stay and we can build on this year.

Sorry about the injury to their guy late on but have to ask just what was he trying to do?

In reply to Knutsfordian as to whether some of the young players will stay next year (and I hope they do) might depend upon whether the revolving wheel starts to revolve again? Over the last 6 or 7 weeks the wheel seems to be thankfully wedged. Long may it stay wedged!!! SBL

Continuity, continuity, continuity…I hardly think there will be any contracts though, but I do hope we can hang on to most of the team we have. We are beginning to play with a spirit and togetherness that is commendable!!! COME ON THE ALBIOOOOOON

agree whole heartedly, this team are beginning to play as a team. so let’s hope we can retain this team for next season, and possibly beyond into the premiere division.