Witton Albion vs Brigg Town Tues 2nd Feb

Weather permitting it’s Brigg Town known as " The Zebras " up next. They will be “crossing” over the Pennines but with a home win in the Trophy " safari " this season we should be able to " outstripe " them.

I wonder what their crossing will be like?

Young git :wink:

Stop being an ass!

Great win on saturday.Hope we get the “bit” between our mouths and go for the 3 points,and they dont"Hoof"the ball up the pitch towards our goal mouth to often,and hopefully we will “saddle” them with no points.Couple of goals would be nice at "Hock"time,sorry half time.

“Witton till i die”

Big game!
Do The Zebras have several substitutes or just one big reserve?

Sheer class Dodger!
Nice one

I think I’ve herd enough of this already!

Brigg will stand NAY chance if we play well on the night.

No horsing around, the mane thing is that everyone should earn their stripes.

They are just barcoded donkeys !

hope they have the wrong “stud,s” on there “hoofs”,and they are"shire" away from scoring.Mane thing is 3 pts for us.

Hate to be a pessimist but… What is the pitch like currently?

took me dogs earlier the ground (no I didn’t walk them at WP!) is rock hard with freezing expected overnight, rain forecast tomorrow I would say it doesn’t look too good!!

Could be Ice Station Zebra.


I hear the pitch inspection was at noon. Does anyone know if its on or not ?

Just spoke to Pete Riley and the inspection is ongoing.

At the moment it is very doubtful, with more rain forcast for this afternoon.

Tonight’s game is OFF.


I am a Jonah!! This would have been my first game this year!!