Witton Albion vs Winsford United

Updates will be posted on here during tomorrow nights game from 7.45 onwards.

Unfortunarely I have a prior engagement tomorrow night so you will have to wait until Saturday for your money GE.<br>WHS

I have had some phone calls does anyone know if the match is on or off tonight.<br><br>Thanks

pitch inspection at 5 i have been told so unless someone posts anything different the game is ON

I have just spoken to someone at witton who advised the the pich has passed inspection and the game is ON

1 john kennedy<br>2 darren hockenhull<br>3 liam brownhill<br>4 brian pritchard<br>5 tom spearitt<br>6 tony barras<br>7 alex brown<br>8 liam mcguire<br>9 carl frost<br>10 alistar brown<br>11 mark peers<br><br>12 mark jones<br>13 simon hughes<br>14 dean williams<br><br>sorry its late problems with internet

ht 0 v 0 peers injured replaced by mark jones

winsford 1 v 0 up

come on lads

1 v 1 pritch header

1v1 after 90 mins

<br>Witton 2 - 1 Winsford AET Alex Brown

Not the best performance of the season…<br>However, good to see McGuire and Mark Jones get game time after their injury lay offs.<br>Going forward, unless we’re guaranteed a game against the scum then is there really any point in entering this competition anymore?? We’ve now lost Peers for Saturday. If we’re going to be in it then we need to use it as a chance for reserves and fringe players to get a run out - which has been messed up this year by putting the reserve team in the competition also.

What happend to Peers? <br>No problems Tristan is able and ready he did good against Stalybridge.

Have we definitely lost Peers for Sat? Really hope not as he has been superb for us this year.<br><br>The good news is definitely that we are getting Liam Mcguire, Mark Jones and Adam Foy back to full fitness. If we continue in all these comps then we will need everyon in the squad to see us through especially at the end of a long hard season.<br><br>I think it speaks volume for the guys that we have done as well as we have and carried so many injuries.<br><br>As regards this cup, I can remember being grateful for winning this when there was nothing else on offer - don’t knock it too soon.

Peers defo out for Sat by all accounts.

Anyone know how I get to my guest book on this site? I am 60 and computers are not really my thing.<br>WHS<br>PS I have to agree, the League and cup games that bring in substantial sums of money, FA Cup and Trophy should be the only games we put out the full side, the other games should be used to "blood" the fringe players.<br>WHS.

WHS<br><br>If you click on your username (WHS) it will take youi to like a members page which has your details on it - here you can view your message board and add your own msgs etc.<br>That should work.

Back for a wee while so well done on getting through to the final. In case you don’t know the other semi between Congleton & Runcorn Linnets was postponed and has provisionaly been arranged for January 9th.

I presume that not even the Mid Cheshire FA would be crass enough to play the final at Connett Towers