witton and vics

can i just say to witton fans you lot r jealous. why cant you let it go that a takeover has happened at vics, and everything is going right for us (both on and off the field) things r happening for the trickies, the new stadium will be ready before xmas (as long as its safe), it will be completed by march/april, mike connett is building a marina, restaruant, you name it hes doing it, our ground will be the best in the conf premier. and no we r not dreaming before u say it. also can i just mention both mike connett and mw have had a chat about sharing your ground (we r grateful, but you must understand why we want to move, we want to play on our ground) they both had a chat and mw has let us stay till end of season atleast, but i can asure u that we will be out of there before then. also "pot kettle black" some of u witton fans mentioned that "why are vics fans coming onto our messageboard and saying nasty things about us" when ours was open (no thanks to you) [smiley=ranting.gif] you came onto ours and said horrible things about us, so basically we r getting even, and you will be glad to know that we may not have it back on, ever. [smiley=ranting.gif]

::slight_smile: Haven’t you got other things to worry about? Homeless, pointless (in more ways than one) and facing the might of Forest Green Rovers on Saturday?