witton reserves hit four

First of all apologies for the false information it was indeed Barnton and not Daten we played today !!!.<br>The reserves put on an excellent display today and dominated the game more or less from start to finish.<br>The first goal being the pick of the bunch a real team goal with at least 10 passes and a great finish from "macca" to round it off. The second goal came from "Hurst" and then "Gav" followed up with two to put the game beyond any doubt. In fact it could have been a few more with "Cartner" going close in the last few minuites. The Witton keeper was a virtual spectator most of the game but had a solid defence giving him good protection.<br>The only sour note of the day was that Middlewich won again but at least the pressure is still on them,.<br>

Thanks Jim for this wee report and a great win for the lads.<br><br>Mark can you possibly post a report on the equally good Youth Team result.<br><br>I want to send them off to the programme printers before mid-day tomorrow Sunday<br><br>Cheers

Forgot to mention one of the highlights of the day was "Leons" outrages dummy in the second half which left the Barnton No 3 waiting for a "TAXI". worth the admission money alone !!!

Jim How did the first team squad players play, Mark Jones, Andy Hurst. Do you see them or any of the other youngsters pushing into the first team soon…

All the team played well on saturday, as for players pushing into the first team, unfortunatley i am not the man to answer that question, I am sure if you are free one weekend a trip down to watch them play would convince you of their qualities. There are some good young fringe players all who Steve has performing well at the moment. Then again I believe Kevin has a few good prospects in the youth set up as well. It is looking quite healthy as a club at the moment. Lets hope all can keep up the performances.