Witton Reserves Semi-Final Tomorrow????

Can anyone confirm the kick off for tomorrow at Barnton ??<br>In Wednesday’s programme Chad said 2pm played to a finish??<br>The web site says 3pm ???

I put 3pm after Grahams post the other week about all mid ches games bieng 3pm from march onwards.<br>I guess as its a cup game if extra time is part of the rules then it should be 2pm.<br>I didn’t read Wednesdays programme so I’d go off what chad says.

I was under the impression it’s a 2pm kick off since it is to be played to a finish on the day.<br><br>I assume when it’s being played has no floodlights.

Far as I know Barnton have no floodlights - just a couple of training lights so I’d go for 2pm. <br><br>If your there early they serve tea in Mugs!

[quote]If your there early they serve tea in Mugs![/quote]<br><br>Oooh - now I’m tempted.<br><br>Although I’ll have jaffa cakes waiting for me at Prescot.<br><br>Chocolate or tea??<br><br> [smiley=dunno.gif]<br><br>